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The HARD Truth ...

Ok, so here's this week's quiz.


1. According to the video, what is the main topic being discussed?
a) Sex education
b) Sex over 40
c) Visual learning
d) Porn star adventures

2. What are the three main topics the video breaks down sex over 40 into?
a) Prep time, effort versus payoff, and the act itself
b) Sex education, academic words, and key moments
c) Visual learning, academic words, and prep time
d) Key moments, effort versus payoff, and academic words

3. In the video, the speaker mentions having a newsletter. What is the purpose of the newsletter?
a) To share updates and stories about sex
b) To provide discounts on fun, sexy toys
c) To share updates and stories about the speaker's life
d) To provide updates on the speaker's OnlyFans page

4. In the speaker's 20s, what was their attitude towards prep time for sex?
a) It was extensive and required a lot of effort
b) It was non-existent as they were always ready for sex
c) It was a quick and efficient process
d) It was not mentioned in the video

5. How does the speaker describe the act of sex in their 20s?
a) Chaotic, fast, and animalistic
b) Mental and physical, with a focus on connection
c) Awkward and blundering
d) Slow and deliberate, with a focus on foreplay

6. According to the video, what is the speaker's perspective on sex over 40?
a) It is all downhill and not enjoyable
b) It can be both positive and negative, with changes in various aspects
c) It is only enjoyable for gay individuals
d) It is not discussed in the video

7. How does the speaker describe their approach to sex as they age?
a) They become more adventurous and willing to try new things
b) They become more cautious and considerate of their surroundings
c) They become less interested in sex altogether
d) They become more focused on physical pleasure

8. What role does the speaker believe the mind plays in sexual experiences over 40?
a) The mind is irrelevant, as sex is purely physical
b) The mind and body are more connected, and mental engagement is necessary for physical arousal
c) The mind becomes less important as one ages
d) The mind is solely responsible for sexual pleasure

9. According to the speaker, why is time more precious when you're over 40?
a) Because you have less time available
b) Because you prioritize different activities over sex
c) Because you have more experience and can choose your sexual encounters wisely
d) Because you are less interested in sex

10. What does the speaker emphasize as the most important aspect of sex for them now that they're over 40?
a) Achieving multiple orgasms
b) Connecting with their partner or partners
c) Using visual aids and props
d) Trying new and adventurous positions

And all this after most of us know for sure that forty is the new twenty. Turning forty (or sixty, or seventy-five) does require some adjustments. When I was eighteen, being twenty-five seemed the summit of sophistication. When I turned thirty I thought forty was far, far away. And here we are now. 

The thing is, every age has its perks (oh, yes, hunny) and it's up to us to find out what is it that makes the stage we are currently going through in life enjoyable. Patrick may be right, sex is not the same, the body is not the same, but does it really need to be the same???


P.S. here's the answers... just in case.

1. b) Sex over 40 (00:00:00 - 00:01:16)
2. a) Prep time, effort versus payoff, and the act itself (00:01:11 - 00:01:33)
3. c) To share updates and stories about the speaker's life (00:00:11 - 00:00:35)
4. b) It was non-existent as they were always ready for sex (00:01:22 - 00:01:42)
5. a) Chaotic, fast, and animalistic (00:08:44 - 00:09:06)
6. b) It can be both positive and negative, with changes in various aspects (00:00:55 - 00:01:16)
7. b) They become more cautious and considerate of their surroundings (00:09:19 - 00:09:44)
8. b) The mind and body are more connected, and mental engagement is necessary for physical arousal (00:08:56 - 00:09:21)
9. c) Because you have more experience and can choose your sexual encounters wisely (00:05:30 - 00:05:54)
10. b) Connecting with their partner or partners (00:12:02 - 00:12:24)


  1. I watched some of the vid. Not gonna lie... kind of have a problem with it. When I was 40 I was still gunning 24/7... manhunt on! I was nuts. I still am... but it's tempered. Now? Pay off is important. Quality over quantity. It takes a lot of effort to get it ready to put it out there... and I hate wasting my time (which is why I now get so much reading done during the summer at the prairie - along with exercise.) If you're 40? You still have so much time and so much to work with... make the best of it, bitches and stop whining. Hee, hee.

    1. So, I watched more. And he has valid points.. but... for men over 60 - not 40. If this was about being over 60? I agree with what he has to say. But 40? Oh, no... honeys - you still got it going on and need to get out of your head and give some...

    2. I think he has valid points for men of all ages.
      When we are twenty, we are supposed to be sex machines and we don't feel any pressure because we are young, hung and full of cum.
      I think most of us do not live a life centered on how we look and the men we can bed, therefore many of these things he talks about kind of do not apply. I think a man in his 40s is just starting, btw.


  2. I got the impression that this guy wants everybody over 40 to consider themselves old, and that once you hit that age sex becomes complicated. Not true. It doesn't. I mean, if he's this way at 40, no one will want to be around him when he hits 50.

    1. Well, in some circles, anybody over thirty-five IS considered old, so there's that.
      Being forty and on the apps requires some managing. They are overflown with horny twentysomenthing gays and physique-obsessed queens. What do you expect?
      You are not on the apps, I believe. You do not go out hunting for sex in bathouses, so you do not feel that pressure. It does not mean other men do not feel it.


  3. Anonymous12/01/2023

    Full disclosure: I was a REAL late bloomer. Very introverted, no social life. So there really was no partnered sex in my 20s and even into my 30s. I was still trying to figure myself out.

    I guess that means that my 40s really was my awakening into sex. I really haven’t looked back and am glad that I have discovered myself and I have become a LITTLE more extroverted. At this point in my life I sometimes need a little help to ensure that I’m ready to perform when the time comes. Time is precious and we need to make the best of it while we can.

    XOXO 👨🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽

    1. And from what I understand you had at least one really experienced teacher!!!!! tehe!

    2. Anonymous12/04/2023

      HuntleyBiGuy: I had to take remedial classes 😎

    3. Ohmygawd you guys!
      I feel like your garden variety Jezebel! LMAOOOO
      Huntley PRETENDED he needed remedial classes. We all know that.


  4. If 40 is the new 20 then is 50 the new 30? I was terrible to my body in the 40s with the booze and now I am trying to make up for lost time with sobriety and gym therapy. Fortunately, everything still works like it should. No blue pills yet. Yet I did take one and boy, oh, boy do they work. I definitely didn't feel 50. Anyway, you nailed it, SP. Every age does have its perks and we need to find it. Good luck on your discovery journey.

    1. Oh, we are all merciless with our bodies when we are young.
      And it's never too late to reverse some of the terrible things we do to it, especially if we are aware of what we need to do, right?
      And those blue pills are quite the experience, no?? LOL
      I totally believe that each age has its perks. I had fun when I was twenty and I'm having fun now, natch.


  5. Big says,
    As an old, old fart waaay past 40, I didn't need him to tell me any of that stuff. I done lived it, hunny. Yes, I have. It's the youngster who need to hear it --- but they'll ignore it, just like we all do when we're young and think we're invincible. But sex as we age **should** change. If we're good to ourselves, it will. And it will actually be better. 😁
    I do believe that you have a birthday coming up - or just had one. Right? If the former, I hope you had a wonderful day. If the latter, make it a wonderful, happy day. XOXO

    1. LMAOOOO
      I love it! "As an old". You'll never be 'old', Big. But you are right, it's the young ones who need to hear that they, too, will age. And we all know that youth is wasted on the young.
      Sex needs to change as we age and that's something that some men do not understand. I like having sex more now than when I was twenty. Goddess, was I messy.
      And my bday is in March! Can't wait.


  6. I do feel that he's talking about sex over 50 or more ...

    1. He says 'sex when you are over forty', so yeah, I think it could apply to any decade after we turn forty.
      And he makes good points. I think that younger men should listen to him, though. But they won't.


  7. Well I do agree with many of those points. I know in my twenties was more obsessed with the cum shots and feeling orgasms than anything else. Now in my 30s and 40s and at 51, I enjoy taking my time enjoy the build up more especially the foreplay and making out and then easy into hot sex. I've also learned that not even getting completely naked sometimes and getting your partner turned on in just underwear jeans is also very hot. Now I will admit to thinking when you were over 40 sex must be dead, boy was I far from wrong. I can't believe at my age still that my horniness and libido are so strong. The lad tells me all the time he thinks I get erections and hard more than his friends that are in their 20s and 30s. Now it'll be interesting to see what sex will be like in my 60s and seventies and eighties.

    1. Anonymous12/04/2023

      Sex in your sixties is still awesome. Remember, use it or lose it 😎

    2. Oh, Mads.
      You are one of the lucky ones: have always enjoyed sex and still do. Some people grow into their sexual prowess. Some people never do. I think most people are afraid of being TOO something: too old, too young, too big, too small, you name it.
      Enjoying ourselves at any age is essential to be happy. At least I think so.


  8. Well, I only have vague memories of sex over 40. Being 75 now I think I must have rolled over in my sleep around my late 60's and hit the pause button on sex. I do have an active sex life in my mind and on the horizon though so there is hope for this old man yet.

    1. Hahaha
      Love it! I think we all have a very active sex life in our minds. And there's always hope, Jon. Always.


  9. Ageing, if we're healthy, we (and our sexual life) get more and more wise!

    1. Correct.
      I think that I'd rather have sex with a man over forty or fifty than with a man who is twenty or thirty, TBH.


    2. I like men with experience. Furthermore, it may happen that libido declines as you age. But I believe that this does not apply to everyone, especially homosexuals (male, obviously)!

    3. Same.
      I can't see myself showing the ropes to a young one. And I now men over sixty who are as horny as a teenager...



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