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Villano Antillano: Tiny Desk Concert

Oh. Honey.

This defies any translation. Transgressive, suggestive, sexy and fresh. Dámelo, papi.

Villano Antillano kicked off her Tiny Desk Concert with a Britney Spears-approved message: Dump. Him.

From YouTube:

"Yo Tengo un Novio," off the Puerto Rican rapper's debut LP, La Sustancia X, called out the toxic, controlling expectations of one of her ex-jevos. Through her sharp Caribbean flow, Antillano broke down the confines of monogamy in her first song before casting light on drug use and escapism as a means of queer survival in "Kaleidoscópica."

Throughout her performance, Antillano showed why she's one of the most exciting voices in Latin trap and reggaeton right now. She flaunted her sexual prowess on "Cuero," and "Cáscara de Coco," then intentionally honored her religious upbringing and place in the church, which she noted isn't always a welcoming space for LGBTQ+ communities. The artist keeps proving that socially conscious lyricism and unfiltered joy can — and should — go hand-in-hand.

"Yo Tengo un Novio"
"Cáscara de Coco"

Villana Santiago Pacheco: artist
Luis Ortiz: vocals
Bayron Feliciano: vocals
Amarilis Ríos: percussion
Barba Blanca: keyboards
David Diaz: bass

When I see people like Villano Antillano, I understand why TERFs and Transphobes freak out: this is a person full of life, wit and beauty. And that's something that some people just cannot take. These are people who break that fourth wall and look at their insecurities in the eye. 


P.S. transphobes (yes, you know who I’m talking about) fear this: 

They fear this because their dicks immediately tells them that they LIKE IT.


  1. an interesting life, as I read here

    About you last sentence, I add in Italy there is a proverb that says:
    Many people like pussy, but everyone likes dick.

    1. "Everyone likes dick." That is a true statement.

    2. Yes!
      I am RIVETED. And that proverb is on target.


  2. Very transgressive -- I like her backup singers in particular.

    1. Absolutely!
      So fresh, so uncommon, so daring. The backup singers are everything.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Big says,
    All I can say is : Brava!

    1. Same.
      Love the flow, love the rhythm, love the absolute lack of care for the conventional.


  5. Sorry, I couldn't get through the first song. I don't understand rap. 😎😎😎

  6. I like her....and I always enjoyed the Tiny Desk Concert series.


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