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Went to Pittsburgh for my Spring Break. Loved it. The whole week actually had a feeling of irreality and disconnection that I did not anticipate. But hey, my whole life sometimes feel like that, so what's the difference, huh?
It all started with my defending my proposal. It was really weird. That standing in front of people and talking about something that is so much in your head that it's part of you, and when you talk to people about it, you're amazed that they don't know all about it. But anyway, it was stressing and maddening (my advisor is... well.. unconcerned, for lack of a better term) but it all went well. And I did corrections and stuff. Let's see what is next.
And then I drove to Pittsburgh. I actually find driving cool, as long as I am playing music. I cannot live without music and when driving in the open road it is ESSENTIAL for me. I measure the trip in CDs. Chicago: five CDs. Pittsburgh: one CD and a half or two, depending on who I am listening to. Places are songs away, not miles away for me.
We spent several days at Chris' house, that I totally ADORE. It's an awesome house and I want it for myself. Given the price of real estate in Pittsburgh, I'll be visiting for YEARS, as long as he does not sell it, that is.
We met with Mickey *smooches* and with many friends we usually see when we go there. It was really cool, we had Filipino cuisine and Italian and I ate more than I usually eat (I had a cake mostly for myself so you can imagine). It was really fun, seeing friends and not doing much (I did have to work on some bureocratic parts of the whole research thing, but Rob was actually helpful) and sleeping late (because I am still an insomniac) and just hanginig out.
We were relaxed and it almost felt when we started dating and I was living in Pittsburgh. Maybe that's what this relationship needs: that I go live somewhere else. Funny, don't you think?
But anyways, it was cool to stay late and watch movies and eat cheese and drink wihe (I drank a little) and laugh hysterically and forget about the three million things that I have to do now. It was good. I miss going to Pittsburgh. Will try to go more often.
Cheers, babyboy.

P.S. Oh, and I want to see the tattoo. And the piercing... hmmmm...


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