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The Gaul... dying.

Been meaning to call you. I promise I have. But today went crazy with a student and her parents and whatnot. Crazy. But it'll hopefully go away. You wouldn't believe how much work there is sometimes. Or maybe you would. You've been busy yourself, for what I read.
Been meaning to ask you about your paper, and about the whole class thing. And about that letter you wrote in your blog. Pretty cool. And the last little thing you wrote. Really sweet. Back to crushing big time? I guess that is good and bad. Good because you're back to your old self. Bad because your old self could not keep his feet on the ground. Still in love with love? I think you need some grounding. For the last months the little glimpses you have given me of what's going on kind of give me an idea of you again. It seemed to be going well, what with the jobs, the classes, you actually attending a full classes and having your dance card full. But according to that last post. It's back to one.
I guess it's just part of whatever cycles you go through or whatever it is one goes at that time and place. It's funny, you know, how I can empathize with the looking at the guys in the street and imaging the boyfriedn we want, or wanting to jump their bones. Oh, to be young and free (and that horny!). It actually sounds pretty exhausting from here.
And was thinking of you just a few minutes ago. I was watching this movie called The Dying Gaul. You should rent it. A threesome -both physical and cyber- that basically destroys the participants. Literally and figuratively. A woman and two men. With all the drama that would bring. But loved the men in it. Loved to watch them devour each other. Real men, with facial and body hair. With a little bit of stubble and love handles and honest-to-God hornyness.
But besides the infidelity, there was this very intense thing going on between two of them online. One of the interactions takes place totally online and even though it's a fuck-mind of the highest class, it reminded me of this... relationship? The whole coming and going of words, of thoughts, more naked than unclothed. It's funny, how in binary codes you still exist. Moving, words never ceasing, hands touching and that bubblegum mouth....
Been meaning to call you, babyboy. Will probably do it tomorrow. But I can never trust myself for these things.


  1. Anonymous4/15/2006

    Totally acceptable. You could guess what's going on. I don't know if you would understand, but you could guess.


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