Your son is a woman...

Today I was called 'queer' by a thirteen year old (give or take a year). This kid said 'hi' to Boo and me when we went to the library on Tuesday and then ran to tell to his friends -all older and bigger than he was- probably that we were 'queer' and obviously a couple.
Mind you, this kid is black. Cornrows and all. And today I saw him again with his friends when I was coming out of the public library and they were going in. He nudged them and seven seconds later, they said 'queer'. I truned around and called them assholes. This is the second time this happens to me. The first time was at the Mall, and surprise! it was black kids again. I guess that me being brown makes me more familiar and easier to bash, don't you think?
But what's most disturbing is that this kid, according to my gaydar, is most probably queer himself. And he's reading me just to cover his tender ass. That is, until one of his buddies blasts it to kindgom come.
Funny, how he 'got' us immediately while his peers did not bat an eyelash that first time. The cannibalism of the nacient gay in the black community knows no limits. Let's hope he can survive and does not become a gay-basher living in the down-low.

Cheers, babyboy.




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