I'm not one for playing video games -they make me dizzy- and I guess I'd rather read a good book than spend hours in front of a screen. But this new development in the Rockstar vid game Bully is quite interesting.
You see, I've always seen video games to be testosterone-driven and mind numbing gore and violence affairs and seeing a gay little twist in one of them is quite surprising. Not as much as the coffee surprise in Grand Theft Auto, but surprising in which it's mostly males who play and create this game and we all know frat boys are not the ones who go around kissing his frat brothers, or are tey?

In this spin, the kid -you- is trying to go by in a school setting dominated by jocks and bullies, and suddenly, the surprise: you can kiss some of the bullies by giving them gifts. Oh, the irony! I've always been convinced that there's a lot of latent homosexual feeling in all bullies. And the creators of the game apparently do, too. Kudos to them.

Wanna play? I'd sit on the floor and work your Xbox like there's no tomorrow.




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