Oh, the joy.
Because this country loves its sex scandals, I did some research and found some little tidbits that turned out to be quite juicy. Besides that other scandal involving a cigar and a blue dress (I would have done Bill, too, but would unlike Monica, kept my mouth around the president's... cigar). So next time some stupid backwater ignorant wingnut tells you about 'pedophiles and gays' and all that stuff, let them have it:


I'll save you all a lot of trouble. By now you've noticed the Christian right is blaming us for Foley's Folly and once again screaming and yelling that this confirms that homosexuals are all pedophiles.

So I did some googling and thanks to the Washington Post and a variety of other sources, here's what I found before I got bored.

The obvious conclusion: Men are pigs. Circe was right. Straight and gay. Members of the House and Senate are no excpetion to this rule.


My three favorites, by the way: the four-way involving three Republican Representatives and a Playboy Playmate, an Ohio Republican paying a 13-year-old girl for sex, and the Conservative Republican from Mississippi caught giving blow jobs in the House men's room.

* 2006: Republican Mark Foley is exposed for sending naughty emails to 16 Book_5 and 17-year-old congressional pages.
* 2004: Christian Coalition Republican Rep retires after tapes of him soliciting gay sex were circulated.
* 1994: Democrat from Illinois is charged and convicted of repeatedly screwing a 16-year-old female campaign worker as well as soliciting child pornography.
* 1992: A popular Republican Senator from Oregon is charged with sexually harassing 10 female ex-staffer and the Democratic Senator from Hawaii is also accused of similar misconduct.
* 1991: The Democratic Senator from Virginia, married to Lyndon Johnson's daughter, was caught having an affair with a former Miss Virginia.
* 1990: A Republican Rep from Minnesota, married and with seven children, was caught having phone sex with a female lobbyist--several hundred times according to the phone bills.
* 1989: Republican Rep. from Ohio is found guilty of of paying a 13 year-old-girl for sex.
* 1989: An Illinois Republican Rep gets in troubling for fondling female Peace Corps workers in Zaire.
* 1989: An openly gay Democrat from Massachusetts hires a male prostitute to live with him in his D.C. apartment. This was mostly ignored by the DC community until it was discovered that the prostitute was running a male escort service out of the Congressman's apartment.
* 1988: The Democratic Senator from Washington is exposed as having drugged and raped over 9 women over a 20 year period.
* 1988: Democratic Rep form California accuses the GOP of launching a smear campaign against him claiming that he was sexually harassing his female staffers. It turned out to be true.
* 1987: Republican Rep from California is ousted for sexually harassing female staffers.
* 1981: The Wilmington News-Journal reports that three House Republicans Strom shacked up for an unusual vacation in Florida with a Playboy Playmate. All four shared a cottage. Two of the Reps denied having sex with her, but one of them publicly asked "his family and God to forgive him."
* 1980: An Illinois Republican engaged in sex with a 17-year-old female page.
* 1980: A Conservative Republican from Mississippi was charged with obscene acts in a gay porn theater but denied being a homosexual and remained in office for three more months when he was caught giving blow jobs in the House men's room
* 1980: Pro-family Republican Conservative from Maryland was charged with blowing a 16 year old boy in our nation's capitol.
* 1976: An Ohio Democrat and a Texas Democrat put prostitutes on the House payroll as administrative assistants.
* 1976: A Utah Democrat was arrested in Salt Lake City for hiring prostitutes.
* 1978: A Democrat from New York was arrested for an encounter with a 16-year old boy.
* 1974: The Democratic Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee was forced to resign over his drunken and very public relationship with a well-known female stripper.
* 1973: A Massachusetts Democrat enjoyed an ongoing relationship with a 17 year old male page.





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