Johnny, oh, Johnny

Thanks to the magic of the 'net and while browsing the Men of Color blog, I got to go to Fleshbot (fun name!) and found Johnny Hazzard. Fell in love. Right away.

He can for sure be fun (that video is way too cute!) and he's very, very handsome. All sultry eyes, nice body and wild sex-appeal. That's a man that was made to be enjoyed. Again, erotica and sublimation catering to our weaknesses.

Remember what I told you about perceptions? Well, this is how I perceived you at the beginning, babyboy. All fun, sex and candy. And you two share those er... other big qualities. Nobody could blame me for falling. Nobody.

Only this guy is a real porn star (who sings!) and may be as successful as Aiden Shaw (HIV positive and all) or as tragic as Joey Stefano. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy him. You go ahead and do the same. He's probably already in your porn collection and you can download him from itunes. Go ahead. You know you wanna...




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