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A guy in one of the (several) online discussion boards I frequent, was going off as how the whole Live Earth was an Al Gore commercial. I know there are idiots in America who think he's a Henny Penny and nothing more, but abroad? This is an international board (a Shakira board, mind you) and I have usually read very interesting posts and points of view about the whole environment-as-politics issue.
But this one kid went off on how the performers were self-righteous, and did not know what they were talking about blah, blah, blah. I disagree. Yeah, the TVs were on and the computers fired up to watch the performances, but at the same time (I watched) they were giving people tips, links and ideas on how to ease up on our assault on the earth. Hopefully, some people will get it and will change light bulbs, get hemp bags to go shopping, recycle some more and change something in their lives that will have a little bit of impact on their surroundings. I am doing my part. I am taking a bag to shop (even if it's Giant Eagle or Acme) and just smile away the looks of the teens at the register and act cooky. It always help.
I know the kid had his reasons (and rhetoric to back them up) but the same way Ann Coulter uses rhetoric to justify her idiocy (God apparently gave us the earth to rape it an use it and it'll be gone in a short time, anyway) I believe that the message of the people who got together over the weekend to sing and raise awareness will not go unheard. SOME people will change their ways a little and that helps a little.
And what are you doing to make this place better? Recycling yet? What about your green blueprint? Click on the title of this post of cut and paste the link below to know more. Come on, you know you wanna...



  1. OK, I wanted to reply to this post:
    but a graphic from one of the other commenters is blocking the link to post a comment.

    So, your tattoos. I've noticed them...how could I not, the number of times we've been naked together. But I need to explore your body more. Maybe it's because I wear glasses and when we're naked together the glasses come off. Maybe I need to be more like Blake Mitchell (see Helix studios or @MrBlakeMItchell on Twitter and Instagram). Besides, when we're naked together, there's other things on my mind ;).

    So your tattoos, when we're together and basking in the afterglow, I'm going to explore them more. Find out the story about each one. And I think you made good on this post, didn't you Sugar? I think these symbols may be on your wrist? But that's for another day. Another reason to explore your awesome body. Who knows, it could bring up round two when the afterglow wears out. :)


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