Oh, Harlow

His name is Harlow Cuadra. He's very handsome. He's given me more than one orgasm. He's in jail. His life may be totally fucked up.
I first encountered him in one of the blogs I read (maybe Towleroad or Joe.My.God?) and soon enough I found him in a porn site (duh!) where I have gone back once and again to enjoy this doomed boy in all his splendor. While following the links to the story of the porn actors who had killed a porn director (seedier than that, nothing) I got to DrabBoyz, who had the story in one of its brother sites. I could not stop reading. Or watching. Harlow has in those videos the sexual energy of a football team and the innocent look of all the Huckleberry Finns of the world. Beautiful body, angelic face and the dick of death. Wrapped in a hungry package with no-holds-barred sex. Awesome combination. This boy could have been something like Jeff Striker with a few less inches (much more entertaining to look at than Jeff, who was always too detached) or as big as Brent Corrigan (his killing the porn producer came to be allegedly because of contractual obligations Brent had) and nevertheless he's in jail now. Such a waste.
He, like everybody else, has a myspace page, where he asks for donations to help pay for his lawyers. It's his personal page where he appears as any other handsome twentysomething, bragging about Vegas, about his car, about his beautiful body.
Such a waste. At least he left those videos floating in the web in his professional website, where many can go and buy a piece of Harlow and enjoy him as much as they want. Harlow, who greets the visitors pleading for more money for his attorneys. Harlow, who I'm sure will not be the same fresh-faced young man who has helped me live some minutes of flickering pleasure more than one night when he gets out of prison. Harlow, with his dreams of fast cars and cyber glory. Pity he joined the wrong crowd. Pity that he'll be one more casualty of porn, that merciless god who grants joy in the same amounts it causes pain.
And you, have you got a dollar to spare? Give it to Harlow. I'm sure he can use it.


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