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Yesterday, out of nowhere, I suddenly remembered the first man ever to fuck me. He was an older boy and he was a neighbor. We used to talk because our backyards shared a wall. He would climb up the wall and talk to me. One day, we happened to be alone, playing some kind of game. Come to think of it, much of my adolescence I spent playing some version of hide and seek, always managing to end up hiding with some older boy.
Anyways, this one afternoon we were playing some kind of game and then suddenly we were alone and he was laying on top of me and saying things in my ear, while he nibbled on my neck. I think I was in a dreamlike state, not knowing what to do or what to say. I had no will. I let him do anything he wanted. We were hiding behind some heavy bush, away from the street noises and the other boys. He lowered his pants. I was fascinated by his deep voice and his strong, hairy legs. His cock also was something I found absolutely mesmerizing and loved to touch it. And at that moment I could feel his ragged breathing in my ear and my heartbeat, and I could almost taste the smell of the earth and his weight on top of me was all that mattered at that moment. Then he entered me. I didn't even notice when he lowered my zipper and pulled my pants down. It came -for me- out of nowhere. Up to that moment I had played with countless boys my age but they have never done anything else more than touch me and kiss me and hold me. But this one was in that threshold of becoming a full-fledged man and I found his touch and his smell totally sexy. And his cock was hard and he wanted to fuck me.
So he entered me. And I cried out loud. I could not believe what was happening. It was all very different to everything I had experienced up to that moment. After he heard me, he held me and tried to consoled me. He whispered a thousand words in my ear and begged me to let him put it back in. I told him no. But yet I was fascinated by his cock. A cock that looked different to that of younger boys my own age. His was a man's cock. Thick. Pulsating. Glistening. Red. He was then laying next to me and held me, saying incoherent things and furiously jerking off. I could not stop looking at his cock. I was hypnotized. And then he came. It was the first man I watched come. Thick spurts came out of his cockhead while he shuddered and breathed heavily. I watched his thick come puddle on the grass. I could not believe he had just done that. I was watching a man come for the first time in my life.
After that afternoon I had sex with him several more times. And then I started having sex with his brother, who was older, too. Then I stopped seeing them. Their family moved somewhere and I started a long journey that has taken me through many men. People say you never forget your first one. And I guess it's true. After all these years I still remember his smell. As I felt it that hot afternoon on the grass.


  1. Gracias por compartir esta experiencia... La primera vez, el primer amor, el primer polvo, marcan es cierto... se convierten en la referencia que luego buscamos en lo siguientes, incluso inconscientemente... para bien o para mal... Recuerdos, deseos, estados que buscamos prolongar en uno u otro... Me ha encantao tu post. Un abrazote ;)

  2. I have been reading your blog for several months and i always find it to be very interesting. You seem like such a passionate person and you really are not afraid to be honest and open about your feelings. I have to ask...is this story really true? It seems like you must have been awfully young.


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