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Go Speed Racer, Go!

Went to see Speed Racer. Loved the movie.
It's like a total psychedelic trip. Without the acid. Bright colors, awesome cars, handsome men. What else is there to ask for? Oh, I have to mention that I used to keep my nose glued to the TV set when I was a kid and this program came up. I know, I'm dating myself, but who gives a fuck?
I used to play with the cars my mom got me for Christmas all the time and would let older boys win. Sometimes. Only 'those' special boys could play with my cars...
In the movie, the characters of the cartoon series came alive. I could barely stand the young pudgy brother. Annoying as hell. Good acting, I guess. The chimp was awesome. And Susan Sarandon as the mom? Dreamy. And daddy bear Goodman? Oh. Right.
The action sequences are total eye candy. Literally. And I was eating starburst throughout the movie, so that may have added to my being as hyper as the action on the screen. I now want to go see the movie in a IMAX theater. I did the same with 300 (first the movie theater, then the IMAX experience) and when Gerard Butler shows his ass... well, you can imagine.
Critics (and EVERYfuckingBODY is a critic) didn't like it. So what? I'm sure the Wachowsky brothers invented a few tricks while filming this and will revolutionize making movies (again) and I think the way they tell stories (The Matrix, anyone) is awesome. Not for everybody, that's correct. But I'm not everybody. So there.
And Speed Racer in the flesh (Emile Hirsch)could take me for a ride any fucking time. If he's not available, Racer X (Michael Fox) could do it. Or join us. Yum. Boys with hazel eyes and black hair are the epitome of delicious.
Go Speed Racer, Go!


  1. Sólo por que amo a Emile Hirsch... y esa carita de galán de los 50's que tiene en la película, me la voy a ver.

  2. yo igual me lo verè... al diablo con los criticos


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