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I've said it over and over and over again: some guys just 'have it'. It's a pretty simple concept: it's the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they look at you. You'll find that everywhere. Even if they are not flirting with you, sometimes you find yourself wondering.. "what if..." and it's not because you WANT to fantasize about them. It just is.

I know, it sounds kind of pervy, but hey, I swear to the goddess that I don't do it out of pervy-ness but it's just unconscious. I see male meat and my eyes just have to follow it. For real.
I promise I try to keep things under control, but sometimes it just escapes my will. I've found myself thinking about some guys (that I consider out-of-reach because they're straight or because I'm in class with them and even mental sluts like me have limits) but it's something that just pops in my mind. I find myself focusing on their hands (I'm a 'hands' guy, as well as a 'nipple' guy) and I start thinking about what I would like them to do with those fingers, and making connections -unfounded, I know- aobut how they might look....

This is the time of the year when all those layers that were there helping me keep things decent start to disappear and the shorts come out, and the short-sleeved shirts come out and all hell breaks loose. Because you begin to get peeks of shapely calves, hairy legs, sinewy arms and perky nipples. Men also become more open, when they sit down their legs are spread just so and sometimes your eyes wander....

I enjoy spring and summer, but it all becomes an exercise in self-discipline to not let my eyes wonder too much. I do look at guys in the street, but try to keep it sane when I know the guy in question. One thing is to gawk at some hot dude's pecs and legs in the street and something different when they are talking to you about something academic or serious. Ugh. I imagine it's the same with straight guys, keeping their libidos under control when they talk to very attractive women in skimpy clothes. It may also be the lure of the forbidden, because when you know you have to behave you basically think with your little head. *sigh*
Oh well. I'll just try and keep it sane. Difficult though, when the temperature raises and all those guys begin to play frisbee shirtless..... One can't stop but wonder 'how would it feel if...'




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