Of sex and other disasters

I was talking to this one friend and we were talking porn (you know, two gay guys get together there is a high probability of us talking men, porn, clothes, movies, music and porn. Did I mention porn?). So I told him that I sometimes really like straight porn. He belched. I was like, what? and he said I was a traitor.
I said he was totally full of it. I told him it was the same thing as fantasizing about those supposedly straight men you see in countless gay sites. He said that the fish made all the difference. I was outraged. Why would looking at straight porn would make me less gay or less gay-consuming-gay-man. I told him that what I looked for in my internet prowling for thrills was that: thrills. And straight porn sometimes had the most delicious pieces of meat (literally) I've even seen. Not always, but when the guy is hot, the guy is HOT. And that's all I need. I don't mind he's going down on the chick. Or that she's moaning like crazy (they moan in those movies) but when HE moans and starts fucking, then I'm in it for the killing.

So does ogling straight men getting it on with girls make me less of a Kinsey six? I don't think so. I think the objective of porn is to get you off. No matter what gets you off then fulfills its objective by getting you off. Period. I think we tend to be too rigid with what makes us gay or straight or in-between. Most of the people I know assume their sexual identity and tend to just stay there for the duration, without ever even thinking about other possibilities. Does the fact that I am a gay male then make me immune to straight porn? I think porn is porn and its goal is to titillate. The fact that straight porn does turn me on should count both towards the hot action taking place and maybe towards my being open minded about sex. Sex is sex, right?

I find it interesting that many women do seem to find gay porn titilating (even some lesbians) and are not opposed to admit it. But men? Totally not into exploring other venues. Straight men tend to like that Playboy model of lesbianism that involves long fingernails, lots of hair and make up and high heels and most probably a strap-on or a dildo. Totally NOT what lesbian sex usually ends up being. But that is not threatening for them, I guess, given that none of the women in the flick looks remotely like someone THEY would not bang. Would this be the case too with gay men, I wonder. Maybe some of us are deep into the the whole Kinsey six and cannot look up? Logic tells me that if I like attractive men and an attractive naked man is having sex I'd like to watch. Duh! I would not care about who he's boning as long as he's boning with passion and in a masterful way. Does that sound crazy?

Just take that Ivri Leader cover of the ubiquitous fauxmosexual Katy Perry hit. I thought it was so cute I actually have it playing in my myspace page. Maybe not all is lost.


  1. Por dios... de la misma manera que todos nos pasamos la vida tratando de volver al útero, es lógico que lo hagamos recordando aquello que nos procuró nuestro primer orgasmo, no sé tu, pero en mi caso no fue un ejemplar de playguy o de men magazine, fue verle el culo a un actor francés haciendo lo suyo en la infame "Serie Rosa". Completamente de acuerdo, si se ve bien, así sea haciéndolo con una vieja, es imposible que uno no quiera acabar también.

  2. De acuerdo...
    a veces veo porno str8 y eso no me hace menos gay... pero si me pone mas caliente
    besitos desde mi lejana galaxia

  3. Yo también a veces lo veo y estoy de acuerdo: cuando el tipo está bueno, está bueno y no importa qué está haciendo y con quién ja!



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