seven minutes

And hence we work out.

Yes, I've given in and I'm working out -if you want to call it that- at least three times a week. Well, I wouldn't call it 'working out' because it's just about ten minutes of exercise. But I try.

The thing is, I HAVE to. It's really not because of vanity, but because of health. My physician told me I had to start doing 'moderate to strong physical activity' that had to 'make me sweat' at least five times a week. And given that having vigorous sex was not a possibility, I went for youtube exercise tutorials.

And of course, youtube delivered. You know can find most anything on youtube. Especially handsome men sweating and telling us that if only, if ONLY we watch their video, we will look just like they do. Genetics be damned.

And because I'm not 21 anymore and because I don't go to the gym like I used to (and do aerobics and weights four times a week in cropped tops and cycling shorts, like I did when I was 21) I have to exercise to keep cholesterol, the boogieman who will ruin any ice cream from here to eternity, at bay.

Of course, it's not just keeping that damn bad cholesterol number down, it's also a matter of overall health and the desire to not have to start using prescription drugs until it's just absolutely necessary. Nobody needs to put horrible shit in their body when the alternative is a little exercise four times a week So I do my little dance in front of the tv and try to sweat.

And thank goodness for eye candy like Bryan, we get to exercise and at the same time enjoy the view. Not because I think that in any way, shape or form I will end up with that body, but because watching such beautiful men exercise is just too enjoyable to pass. And he makes it seem EASY.

So I have a date four times a week with Bryan and his friends. Especially that blond. Damn, when that man looks into the camera, you are thankful you are a Catholic, even a lapsed one. Because that's sin, right there and then.



  1. Seven minutes? Damn, dude it would be twice as long! You have to watch the video once to just drool at the men. And I agree, the blond gets it. When he stares into the camera...yep all his.

    And I know it wasn't a slam, but you know I'm all for vigorous sex as often as possible.

    I follow Tom Daley, the diver from Great Britain and husband of Dustin Lance Black, on YouTube, because...well he's Tom Daley 😉. He does a number of wellness videos including diet and exercise. Though his body is not as jacked as the guys in the video above, who could crack your head like a walnut with those thighs, he does have some good videos like this one:

    If I had the time, I'd join you for the workout sessions. Who knows, it might lead to those other activities we desire, and you deserve.



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