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So, summer is almost done. It's been hot and humid, a little. Lately it's taken to rain when I least expect it. Not like I dislike rain, mind you. It's just that it gets really oppressive when we get that threat of a thunderstorm. I feel this summer has been just like that: some really sunny, shiny days and some days when all you want to do is stay in and do nothing, because the heat and the humidity are so oppressive that they feel like you've swam with your clothes on. I imagine it's had to do with my moods, too. It's been a nice summer in that I've got to hang out and relax for a very reasonable amount of time. But that mood has also been disrupted by the horrid political moment we're living, by petty situations at work and by the sometimes oppressive heat. I guess I better shut up and count my blessings, though. I am fortunate enough to have people who love me, be comfortable enough that I don't have to want for things and be healthy enough to enjoy myself. But is it that really what all this is about? I sometimes wonder. I think it has to do with a combination of all those things that make me uncomfortable, but also about the feeling of not having ground solid enough to stand on. Maybe my dreams (who usually have to do with buildings and houses that don't follow the laws of nature) are telling the true story: I don't feel anchored enough. And they may be right. Until the time I feel safe and sane enough to let my roots take I won't have that serenity that comes with feeling that maybe, just maybe this next time it'll all be all right. xoxo ART BY https://www.deviantart.com/hmh452002




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