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I know that for some gay men, appearances are paramount. But there’s a shoe for every foot so fuck that. And because there's always a way to make people think twice about their bias, I decided to be that boy. Yesterday was Trans Day of Remembrance and some of the blogs I read made a point and posted something about it. Love them for being woke. 

Being trans is the new gay. Not long ago, before Obergefell V. Hodges, it was the gays who were demonized and made the boogiemen of the wingnuts. After the bigots were temporarily defeated (and before they helped elect Cheeto as 45) they started looking for a new target for their hate. And who better than trans people? Hence the whole bathroom brouhaha. 

But trans people get pressure from all sides. Take for example trans men. Some gay men will not date them. Apparently they are not 'man' enough? To tell you the truth, many trans men would fit perfectly with the dreaded Masc4Masc demand of checking all the boxes in the toxic masculinity requirements: Hunky? Check. Secondary male sexual characteristics? Check. Butch? Check. Testosterone driven? Well, duh. Still, because some trans men do not undergo bottom surgery, they are not 'men' enough. 

Apparently, gay men will always find reasons to rule out some part of the population based on some stupid requirements. So basically: No Fats, No Femmes, No Blacks and No Trans? When will the stupidity (or the 'preferences', excuse me) end? Why do people need to pigeonhole everybody and everything into little tiny boxes that constrain their freedom?

Would I date a trans man? Well, yes. Many trans men are gay. Gay men. And I like men, so yeah. I know some gay men would say these men are 'not men enough', but how do they measure that?  Any of the trans men in this post could be considered butcher, hunkier and fitting much more the mold of what is considered 'manly' than many a cisgender man, gay or straight. So what kind of mental gymnastics would one of the hookup app Gestapo crowd would have to come up in order to reject a handsome trans man? The D? Well, that's what dildoes are for. If dick is what they need, a trans man would just need to strap nine inches on and voila! Dick for DAYS. No blue angel needed. And a trans man could actually vary length and girth according to your mood. Hello? And he would not tire easily. Are you considering this?

So what reason would somebody have to reject a trans man as a possible date? Maybe just plain bias. Stupid preconceptions. Silly scruples. Outmoded ideas about gender and sex. So the next time you find out the handsome man you're ogling is trans, just chill. And enjoy. Who knows? Maybe he could change your mind...



  1. A great post!!!! I have several friends who are female trans, all T different stages. Seems to be easier dating for them. I would have no problem either dating a trans male gay men can be a fun, sweet bunch, but can also be a bunch if appearance driven, unacceptin bunch. We must remember what we all went through years ago. Happy Thansgiving new freind!!!.

  2. Totally agree, babe. The men you posted are hot and very desirable. The haters will always find a “reason” to exclude or demonize. Fuck them. Can you say threesome? 😉

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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