Le Rose

I want to see this movie. Because growing old  is something I sometimes think about. We all think about the wonderful possibilities of life right now. Even of life next year. Or in two years. But we seldom think what life will be in thirty or forty years. What will happen to us? For some, the answer is easy: there’s a backup plan: children, family. For some, the answer is not that clear.

Because we now live completely embedded in the here and now, the far future seems always to be further and further away. That is, until illness or an accident puts us in perspective. I’d like to think that I will be prepared when old age knocks at the door. Thirty years go by kinda fast. Twenty are here in no time. Ten are really not that far away.

I sometimes wonder what will be of my life when I don’t have the privileges that being youthful and healthy and strong bring. Growing old does not scare me because everybody will grow old but being old and infirm could be my biggest, let’s say, worry? Because I’ve always been very independent and self sufficient and not having that would be something that would render me unhappy. Or at least would not let me be as happy as I would like to be.

Oh yes. I’ve thought about being old and wrinkly. Does it keep me up at night? No, it doesn’t. But it is there. And I think we all should have a Plan B for when that comes. Because it will. And as a good ex-Boy Scout, I’ll rather be prepared.


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