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This post was inspired by Pete Buttigieg calling on Mike Pence's homophobia and the response that Karen Pence, the wifely equivalent of three day old oatmeal gave about it. You see, dear Karen was asked about Mayor Pete while peddling her daughter's equally milquetoast book (a book about their pet rabbit, which happens to be the most interesting thing about the Pences) and she played the oppressed xtianist victim. Pete Buttigieg is an existential threat to the wingnuts. I then remembered that the Pence book was parodied by John Oliver: the fabulous A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, which became a sensation, because the Pence pet rabbit suddenly gained a backstory and ended up falling in love and marrying Wesley, another male rabbit. I could imagine Mike Pence, the religious right's Trojan Horse in the White House, discovering that the parody book actually became a bestseller and its proceeds went to the Trevor Project and Aids United and I cackled in my living room.  I did some sleuthing on the book and lo and behold, ADITLOMB seems to be one of the most banned books in libraries.

So I decided to write about banned books. Because if one thing gives me pleasure is to go ahead and do something that will make religious types uncomfortable. You see, every year I usually try to buy one of those banned books for myself, even though many are YA/chidren's literature (because 'think of the children' is still the wingnut's war cry). I actually own A Day in the Life of Michael Bundo. I was one of the people who had to sign up for the waiting list when the first print of the book was sold out.

Religulous types always try to ban something that does not conform to their twisted worldview, especially if it is aimed at promoting understanding, acceptance or tolerance towards others. They have even burned some of these banned books. Ray Bradbury warned us against them: a totalitarian society usually starts with the banning and burning of books. So my plead to you is to ask you to get at least one of these books and either keep it (it would make a fantastic conversation piece next time you have someone over) or give it to someone ( I would either give it to one of my putative nephews or nieces or to the local mini-public-library). By buying and reading these books I make a point on never letting anybody tell me what to read or what to buy. Especially some stupid cunt who thinks her sky daddy has somehow forbidden anal sex between men (something I believe her supercilious husband would really enjoy, btw).

So here they are. These are my top picks. I already have two of them. How many are you going to get?






If you want the whole list of the Top Ten Most Challenged books, go to ALA and check them all out!

Happy reading!



  1. the xstains only want books that conform to THEIR narrow view of society; no diversity, no color, no gays, only white and male.

    I have always wanted to read the bunny book. I will check out the rest.

    and WTF is wrong with two boys kissing? I melt every time pete and chasten do it; they love each other so!

  2. I agree, Anne Marie. The fear that they have is astounding. I’m surprised they haven put shorts and bras on all of the classic statues.

    Looking at the challenged book list, the recurring theme is “your existence makes me uncomfortable so I will not allow anyone to see you.” The thought police are gearing up for a resurgence.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  3. Wasn't there some church recently which held an actual book burning? Barbarians.

  4. I read Two Boys Kissing a few years back and found myself sobbing by the end. It remains one of my favorite books and I read it again every so often. I watch Colbert every night and he mentioned Marlon Bundo in one of his shows, John Oliver was a guest. I love the book, and donated it to one of the local libraries. I've yet to read the others you write about, but I'm hopping over to Amazon after this comment to get my copies. Thanks for the recommendations.

  5. It's sometimes hard to believe this is 1895.

    Banning is so trite and yesterday. These people have nothing better to do.

  6. Este post resulta especialmente apropiado para Pascua, jajaja...pues me han quedado muchĂ­simas ganas de leerlas, sobre todo la historia de Marlon Bundo que me ha parecido genial. ¿Será posible conseguirla aquĂ­ en España? VerĂ© quĂ© se puede hacer en mi prĂłxima visita a la capital del reino, jeje.
    Un abrazo y enhorabuena por esta campaña para rescatar esos preciosos libros prohibidos de la quema reaccionaria...¡y felices vacaciones de Pascua!

  7. Well done for this everyone should read at least one challenging book a month

  8. They don't like many books because words make people think, people who think ask questions, and they don't like people who question. People who question are much more difficult to brainwash. Thinking makes you part of the 'survival of the fittest' crowd. Now-thinkers fail to evolve and die off. Which is exactly what's happening.

  9. @AnneMarie I agree! Only white xtianist cisgender males is their whole worldview. Assholes.
    @Bae: it's all about THEIR comfort and their ideas. Anything that challenges that is just a no-no.
    @Debra: yep. they've done that. Gone full Fahrenheit 451.
    @TioWalter: I loved Two Boys Kissing too! (p.s. thanks for following and welcome!)
    @Angelito: debes conseguirlo! Estoy seguro que Amazon te lo lleva a Espana!
    @John: yes! Everybody should do it. It would also make the most kick-ass book club ever
    @Dave: Correct. Lack of critical thinking is the cornerstone of the religulous



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