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Louis-Charles-Auguste Couder, The Earth, or The Fight between Hercules and Antaeus, 1819

Today is Earth Day.
Today is Earth Day nd I decided to post something I found on PornHub. Oh, yeah. Didn't you know I like porn? Now you do. So while I was browsing some MormonBoyz and some TimTales, This came up (SFW, but it's PornHub after all, so earphones on):

BEESEXUAL is a whole new genre of porn dedicated to saving bees. We turned short videos of foraging bees into what they really are: funny, kinky, nature porn featuring the voices of your favorite stars: Abella Danger, Julia Ann, Brett Rossi, Charlotte Stokely, Kira Noir, Domino Presley, Dante Colle, Avery Black, Olivia Austin, Will Pounder, Stirling Cooper and Joanna Angel. For every view, Pornhub will donate to bee-saving charities. It’s time to get busy!

And I was intrigued. So, PornHub actually has.... a conscience? The porn tubes are way more aware of collapsing ecosystems and the environment than the (very corrupt at this point) American Government and most corporations? Who knew?

So every time we view one of these videos, they'll donate money to protect the bees. Remember that bees that are going to disappear if we don't do something? So, apparently PornHub has decided to go the way of other philanthropists (yeah, I know) and every time we view one of the videos, they will donate money to a charity that is in the process of protecting the bees. The videos are totally SFW but the soundtrack, is pure... well, PornHub. You know what to do...

Now, tell me, what's better than being altruistic and horny at the same time? Nothing. So, are you ready to watch some of the videos? And in the words of Ru, "when one video ends, open up another one. It's called binge viewing. Go ahead, I support you".

Happy Earth Day!



  1. imagine getting that up close and personal to a honeybee.

    I like to watch (heh heh heh, I'm a dirty girl) the bumbleybees pollinate our mountain laurel bush (heh heh heh, I said "bush") outside my living room window. they are always flying head first into said window as they make their rounds.

    when spouse plants a cucumber vine, the bees go crazy for the flowers that turn into cukes.

  2. As one who tries to do a vegetable garden every year (I see you rabbits!) I heartily support Pornhub’s actions. I’ve read stories where entire bee colonies have collapsed. And then there is the invasion of the Africanized bees that are very aggressive (remember all of the killer bee movies of the week?) that also affect the domestic honey bees.

    So yeah, bee like the honey bees and rub one out for the planet. ūüėé

    XOXO ūüĎ®‍❤️‍ūüíč‍ūüĎ®

  3. Well, I've seen it all now, LOL!

  4. I wouldn't mind having a sexy, sweaty beekeeper keeping my hive...but I'm terrified of bees. So long as he's doing it naked while I watch from indoors, I think I'd be fine with it. As for Porhnub, funny how those videos haven't shown up on my suggestion list. LOL

  5. It's frightening to see what the loss of a bee could do to this planet.

  6. Funny, but true... to a certain extent.

  7. @AnneMarie: LOL you and I girl, you and I.
    @Bae: I forgot about the foraging rabbits! LOL they're merciless.
    @Debra: honey, not even close LMAOOO but yeah, beesexuality is a thing.
    @Walter: OMG me too. They appear to be docile enough but all I can see is me full of little bumps because the little buggers decided they don't like me.
    @Bob: I know, right? And that's something that some people seem to be unable to grasp. For them resources are there to be used. Ugh.
    @Dave: yeah. I know. But the threat is real.



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