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So when they do decide to sell makeup for men then they decide to go toxic masculinity all the way. Really? In 2019? War Pain managed to rack up more than two million views in a video and that's not a small feat for a makeup brand with 500 followers on twitter. My beef? That they decided to demonize make up at the same time that they attempted to sell it. How? By making sure that the sissy boys would not buy their brand. You see, War Paint is for the dudebro. The gay man that only watches Bromo porn. For the dude who just happens to suck dick and take it up the ass. But he's no sissy. He would not be caught dead with a pink case of concealer. You see, the guy who wears War Paint has tattoos and a beard and a.... skull ring? Trust me, I have nothing (NOTHING) against half naked big bruisers covered in tattoos, but using them to sell makeup? Really?

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War Paint is for men. REAL men, you know. Not little sissies. They go as fas as to say that the 'other' makeup is bad for men, who have tougher skin, and that the average beauty product in the market can be harmful in the long run. Yeah, men do have thicker skin than women and produce more sebum -see testosterone-but there's no science behind the assertion that 'other' products can be harmful. Very thinly veiled femmephobia and homophobia right in your face. What they don't say is that traditional cosmetics come in 'girly' packages and no 'real' man would be caught dead leaving Sephora with a bunch of pastel-colored boxes and tools.

I call bullshit. Chanel and Tom Ford have had makeup for men for YEARS, literally, and most makeup brands even thought they heavily market towards women, are used by all the beauty vloggers you find every seven seconds on YouTube. Only problem, most of these 'influencers' tend to be slightly or right on Fem or non-binary. And that seems to be a big no-no for WarPaint. By claiming they make makeup for men because women have makeup for women does nothing for gender neutrality. If anything, it seems counterintuitive. Both men and women use make up because they want to look good. That's the final and common goal: being perceived as beautiful. Men do not need their own products: men need to know how to apply the products so the desired effect is achieved.

Do I think it's a good idea to come up with makeup for men? Hell yeah. I need to learn to work that concealer yesterday. Do I agree with their (toxic) rabidly masculine (and overwhelmingly white) approach? Not really. I bet they would have done much better have they included some less dudebro dudes in their marketing and maybe one or ten men or color and it would have been more balanced. Will I buy their products? Maybe, if they sell them at Sephora or Ulta, with all the other pastel-packed beauty products. I don't need to be assured of my masculinity while applying foundation or bronzer. I know I am a man. I just wanna look better. Be the best that I can be, like in the army.


P.S. nothing my man would ever do, be it drag, make up, gender neutral clothing, camping it up to high heavens, crying (or any other thing considered verboten to men by a society obsessed with a senseless binary) will make me think of him being less-than. My man will always be my man when we are both naked. And that's what matters to me. 


  1. those pix - the guys look like they wanna start a fight. "war paint" - appeals to the toxic man, I guess. my spouse won't be buying it. he doesn't need makeup and neither do I. I haven't worn makeup since the 70s; it's bad for my skin.

  2. Ugh! Seriously? War paint? These are the guys who are "too masculine" to be seen with fems? Or who "only top"? Or who "don't suck cock"? Mary. Please. Watch an episode of Pose and learn something. [Drops the mike.]

  3. With my face?
    Where do you sodden start?

  4. I think people should do and wear whatever makes them comfortable.
    I am not a makeup person, but maybe if the right product came along ....?

  5. It for Real men...and love the the bugle is huge with the one guy in calvins... you know, to entice the real men who wear make up and still like cock.

  6. And I have been wearing chanel skincare for years...because I'm a big old queen. And it actually works. I look great for 112.

  7. I've looked like hell my whole life. Never wore makeup and actually, I never looked at myself in a mirror. But to each his own.

  8. @AnneMarie: I know, right? Why do they equal aggression with masculinity? And a freshly scrubbed face is totally pretty!
    @Walter: correct! Oh and Pose is the ish! Totally obsessed.
    @John: LoL don’t be silky! Oh, I’d take you to Sephora in a heartbeat.
    @Bob. I know, right? I would never say never. I’m actually considering it.
    @Maddie: oh guurrl. They got me started. And of course skin care works! That obsession about men not having to groom...
    @Jimmy: you crack me up, Jimmy!


  9. So their tag line should be: “I’m going to kick your ass as soon as I take care of these crows feet.” It’s just another marketing ploy. And you’re right, they’re after the upwardly mobile white bros. People will use what works for them, no matter to whom it’s marketed. And you know what? There’s probably a premium price on this line and I’m sure there’s comparable products at a cheaper price.

    As for me, I prefer to grow old gracefully 😉

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  10. Greetings!
    I am a first time gentleman caller. Old Lurker (the dear!) referred me here as I wrote about make up for men today on my blog. I think you did a better job. :-)

  11. Hi, Ur-Spo!
    Welcome! Ohhh Lurkie! love him!
    and I'm going to go check you out! it's always good to see what people think about stuff I care about



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