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I usually don't 'cover' politics because there's so many, many more people who do that in the blogosphere in such a brilliant way in such a brilliant way that I stay away from it. But really. When the president (by accident) of the United States says on national television that he will accept help from a foreign nation to win an election, I wonder, WHAT is the limit for this corrupt, entitled, lawless, idiotic, ignorant dotard to be brought to justice?

The bar is set so low at this point, the scandals are so many and so frequent, the evidence is so palpable and the corruption so blatant that I wonder, WHEN will they take his orange ass to jail? What will be necessary for Americans to do something about the incredibly immoral, praetorian administration currently in the White House? What the fuck does this stupid motherfucker need to do to get his entitled ass thrown in jail?

I understand that a sitting president cannot be indicted and tried. He has to be removed first. That's the gist I get. And I think that's what Nancy Pelosi and the Dems in government know and that's why they have not started impeachment procedures? I don't know. I have a layman understanding of the intricacies of president removal. It all seemed so clear before Cheeto took seat: the president of the USA was an honorable man who would do his best to make the country a better place. Eight years of Obama lulled me into a misguided sense of security.

The motivation for this post was a tweet from Evan McMurry breaking news about Cheeto saying he'd take information from a foreign figure. On national television. In front of the world. So I wonder, when? When will this crime family and all its acolytes be brought to justice? What will it take for the US as a nation to hit the voting booth and boot these corrupt motherfuckers (Blackburn, a Repug, blocked a motion to make it mandatory for candidates to report any foreign interference to the FBI!) out of government? So now people will have to do it.

I don't know. When the director of National Security tweets that it's the people who now needs to take business into their own hands and report the Orange Menace or any other corrupt repug if they try to use Vlad's help, you know we are in deep shit. Happy Summer!



  1. Where do we begin? We are constantly bombarded with new issues out of this administration. And I think that’s there plan. Keep everyone off balance. “A new revelation is coming? Let’s create a new lie to distract from it!” They just want to wear everyone down and hope we become immune to the next criminal activity. And we can’t let that become the new normal. We need to keep their criminality front and center and hope it’s enough for people to say we’re done! This shit stops now! And boot his ass out the door via the ballot box. And THEN he can be indicted, tried and sent to prison for the rest of his life, along with the rest of the family.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I would leave a msg. but I was escorted out by the Secret Service for holding a pie in my hands while I read your post.

  3. Wait! Walter what kind of pie is it and I will hold it for you!
    You poor nice Americans, I feel your frustration, imagine another four years of that thing! Focus on the next election.

  4. He's a buffoon, who has surrounded himself with other buffoons, including familial buffoons, to protect him and carry out his dirty deeds.
    He will go down, either at the election place or through impeachment and will always and ever be known as the very worst president this country has ever seen.
    Even Nixon looks kinda good comparatively speaking.

    PS Stephanopoulos owned him.

  5. I wouldn't even use the fat toads for a doormat to wipe my dirty shoes on. That would mean, I'd have to touch him.

  6. IDK how steph could sit across from that muthafucka without puking!

  7. Whispers have it that his party is doing some private polling in states he easily carried in 2016... and the results are making them retch (as in puke).

  8. Trump long, long ago passed the threshold of having committed acts deserving of removal from office. The problem with impeachment is that it has no chance of removing him from office -- zero -- and could actually strengthen him before the 2020 election.

    Once the President in impeached, it takes 67 votes in the Senate to remove him. There are 47 Democrats, so 20 Republicans would have to vote for removal. There's no way that's going to happen because almost all Congressional Republicans are driven mainly by fear of Trump's knuckle-dragging Deliverance-mutant voting base, which is why they don't dare give him significant pushback on practically anything.

    So impeachment would not remove Trump, and he'd spend every day from then to the election bellowing that the Senate had exonerated him and the Democrats' dastardly plot to remove him had been defeated and blah blah blah, thus whipping up his already-paranoid voters even more and perhaps even persuading some of the vast population of voters who don't pay much attention to the details of politics.

    That's the entire problem. Most people who favor impeachment seem to believe that impeaching Trump means removing Trump. The reality is probably the very opposite. Our one real chance to remove him is the election. Pelosi doesn't want to risk blowing that. She's thinking several moves ahead.

  9. @Bae:Absolutely. And I think that's the idea: to get rid of him via the ballot so he can be prosecuted. Of course, with rampant voter suppression from the repugs...
    @Walter: Oh, Walt... LMAOOO. Wait. Was that pie for me?
    @Bob: oh how I want to believe that! Nixon was nothing compared to the Cheeto corruption.
    @Maddie: Ugh. Yes. They are all so smarmy.....
    @AnneMarie: I know! And he usually goes uncontested in his madness and lies. He did run his mouth, of course, and some truth did come out. He's a fool.
    @Dave: LOL I read that. And Cheeto fired the pollsters because he was looking bad. Of course.
    @Infidel: And that's so true! Impeaching the fool does not remove it. Nancy is on to something....



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