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Gentleman Jack

Love me some very, very butch lesbians. Yeah, if some gay men only do masc for masc, I can call my predilection for very butch women. Apparently Gentleman Jack is on HBO so I’ll probably never see it. But hey.

I know I'm not alone in my admiration for very stern ladies who just happen to enjoy other ladies (Hey Debra Heyyy). I find that some people find girls who like girls and look like boys kinda threatening because they (the people) have issues. Oh yes. Have you noticed that sometimes cisgender men find themselves a little on the uncomfortable side when they're faced with masculine girls and feminine boys? Like they cannot cross all the Ts and dot all the Is? Silly men.

There's a certain reticence in society to accept people who do not conform to the binary: men are supposed auto be manly and women are supposed to be womanly. Whatever that means. Whomever does not confirm that duality is deemed 'too much'. But I think that's a remnant of the fifties and the shookup that gender roles suffered after WWII. In the 1800s, when Gentleman Jack takes place, gender roles are of course, defined, but the idea that a woman would be and industrialist and landowner was kind of foreign and the thought of a woman courting another woman was basically unheard of. So of course Anne Lister had to go and pull off some mischief, living a life full of adventure and beautiful women.

I would like to watch this series. Apparently, it's historically accurate and gleamed from Anne's private diaries which were written in code. If that doesn't pique your curiosity, I don't know what will. I'm ready to borrow somebody's HBO Go password and watch the whole damn thing in one weekend. What say you? Deal?

Oh, here:



  1. I was never into dolls and "girly things"; I wanted to build shit and be creative.

    still not into "girly things". but I DO loves me some hairy beary guys! and I create shit with my knitting needles.

  2. You mean that non-conforming individuals isn’t something that has only happened in the last 50 years? I’m SHOCKED, shocked I tell you!

    I agree with you that this series (?) looks very interesting. And I love that Anne doesn’t give a fuck what other people think. She sees something that needs to be done and gets it done...no waiting for the man to handle it. This looks like a lot of fun. Like you, I wish I had HBO.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  3. Oooooo, I do love a butch, the butcher the better, so I enjoyed both these videos! As it happens, I'm about to sign up for a streaming service that includes HBO so I'm looking forward to watching "Gentleman Jack" with My Rare One.

  4. Here here to the lesbians! For as long as I can remember, a lot of my friends and gay men have always complained of lesbians, especially when they would come into the clubs. Last I looked, it IS A GAY CLUB??? While it is nice to have all men or women in a club, I have never had a problem with the girls in the club. I always loved it...and one of my closet friends here is a lesbian. I'll never forget one time in Rehoboth a friend and I went to a place called the Frogpond. After a drink or two, a real big butch lesbian who could have laid us both out flat said hey girls, you know this is a lesbian bar right? We said yes and didn't cared. We ended up partying our asses off with them all night, throwing darts, ok, so mine were in the ceiling...but we had a blast. A drunken blast. And another lady I know here is a complete riot with her loud boisterous voice, rough patting on the back and her cigar smoking, crisp dress shirt wearing self. When Liz arrives you know.

    Alas I don't get HBO EITHER. Damn.

  5. I was very close to a lesbian couple years ago. They broke up and there went that. Sigh...

    I'm HBO-less too!

  6. I have a butch friend called Bunty
    She could hold her own in a western saloon fight

  7. One of my dearest friends is a lesbian... she came out to me and I to her at the same time. How that for irony.

  8. My ratio seems to be, for every gay man I know, I know twenty lesbians, don't know how that happened but it's a fact Jack! Lol

  9. @AnneMarie: same, girl. Especially the hairy bears part!
    @bae: LOL I know, right? And HBO is really not that hot IMHO but this series does look cool.
    @Debra: I knew it! Virtual high-five! And as our official expert, you will have to give us your opinion on this!
    @Maddie: I do have to get me to an all-ladies bar. I think I went to one many years ago, but it was the last stop in a bar crawl and I was exhausted! And throwing darts at the ceiling actually sounds super fun!
    @Jimmy: I also have some close lesbian friends. They are awesome.
    @John: Bunty? That's an awesome name. And I usually feel quite safe with a butch lesbian by me, too.
    @Dave: Wait, what? That's actually super cool. It's like a Wonder Twins 'activate powers!' cry.
    @Steven: There you go. The lesbians will take over, eventually, so you're a step ahead.



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