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Oh, yes. He is undeniably handsome. But apparently he is also one of those born-again-after-doing-it-all porn actors. Their come-to-jesus schtick is a well known one. This time it is Markie More the one that suddenly finds... Moroni? He's Mormon-adjacent now, ya'll. And he's AGAINST porn. Mr. More has been doing porn for awhile and if you like the hyper-masculine jock type (you know who you are) you may have come across his oeuvre at one moment or another during the last years. But now he's joined a Mormon-backed anti-porn movement. Yep. Oh, Markie has had some issues with porn. He's had moments before, like when he first accused an exec of death threats and now apparently he's left porn 'definitely' to become part of a Mormon funded (even through they deny it) anit-porn campaign.

I'm usually for giving porn performers a pass. For all the glamour and sexy exterior of the trade, it is obvious that it's not an easy job. It is a job after all, and they would not get paid if it were easy. I also tend to like my fav porn performers and try to support them. I try to see the person behind the persona. It's not easy, I imagine, keeping up with an idealized image of who we are, entirely dependent on our physical appearance and sexual prowess and with the obvious pressures of the porn industry to, well, perform.

It requires a special kind of person to have sex on-camera and to be able to withstand the fact that you are wanted for whatever outstanding physical attributes you have and the a persona you project while having sex rather than by for who you really are in real life. You also need a very healthy dose of exhibitionism to do porn. But he's not alone. There's hundreds of porn performers who go through our screens every year and do not wake up one day and decide that they'll join some cult and realize they are against something that up until that moment seemed to be their bread and butter. Literally.  So when a gay-for-pay porn actor gets a come-to-jesus call and starts preaching against what until a few months ago (and more than 100 scenes later) was lining his pockets I call malarkey.

I suspect that he left the porn industry because he got fed up with the gay-for-pay business and his JusForFans pages did not give him the money he was accustomed to receiving (remember porn performers who bottom get more dough). Now he's joined the Mormons, who pour incredible amounts of money into fighting anything sexually-related. It's part of their doctrine, remember? So he's now more of a whore than when he fucked men on camera for money. At least I see it that way. I respect more a whore than a holier-than-thou Mormon-by-proxy holier-than-thou ex-porn-star.

You see, Markie is now helping spread the lies and misinformation this anti-porn organization promotes and has added a link to it from his twitter profile. Of course, Markie will not give back all the money he has made in porn or donate some of that 'tainted' money to let's say, The Trevor Project or any of the organizations that fight homophobia, or human trafficking or that promote information about the porn industry. But I'm sure the Mormons in charge of the anti-porn scam he belongs to now will remunerate him well.

Markie More will stop selling sex and now he'll start selling lies. Color me unsurprised.


Oh, in case you were curious, here's a sample of Mr. More's work, before he found Jesus, of course:


  1. So he’s unhappy with his previous life and wants to make the world a better place? I can think of a lot better ways to do that. Peace Corps, Trevor Project, LGBT centers, etc. I know that porn performers are not paid exceptionally well, but surely there are other ways to make a living than whoring yourself out to an organization like this. But now they have a celebrity spokesman. Sad.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  2. And here I thought he was doing "research" for his community center's fall production of Book of Mormon. Well, at least he got fucked by porn, and eventually he'll get fucked by Mormons. Bye, Felicia!

  3. Did he think Jesus was up that guy's ass?

  4. At least till he does a Mormon GayBoys porn. Let him next on my door just once lambchop.

  5. Why do I get the feeling that I was being singled out in that post! :D
    Ugh, if Mormons are so against sex, why don't they get their polygamy factions under control, I read about a 76 year old man who already had a bunch of wives and then married twin sixteen year old girls, he's not doing that for Jesus!
    I care about people and to be honest I would be happy for the guy if he found religion, got married, had a cute little family and lived happily ever after. I hate when people lived the fast life and now are going to tell us how to live our lives now, seriously I don't need a porn star telling me what to do, it didn't work for your president, it won't work for me! Lol... I couldn't resist! :)

  6. hypocrite! he's versatile, but now he's a freak.

  7. I don't think he was 'gay for pay,' they usually don't bottom and he had no problem with that position. He's been in porn for a long, long time. A 2017 interview claims he started 3 years earlier. I'd say a conservative guess my be 7 or 8 years. Unfortunately, as he begins to enter middle-age, it's a terrible career choice. He's retired from porn at least two previous times and gone back because that's the only skill he knows. I suspect the 'anti-porn' campaign is his way of air his 'sour grapes' with an industry which no longer wants him.

  8. @Bae: I think that's what he sold them: a well-known face in the field they want to badmouth. Easy.
    @Walter: LMAOOO yep, 'research'. We did go deep in it, though.
    @Bob: he certainly tried to find him.... several times.
    @Maddie: ohhh mormonboiz. yes.
    @Steven: there's no harder bigot than the repentant sinner...
    @AnneMarie: I know, right? I have more respect for a porn actor. Much more.
    @Dave: NextDoor is known for its stable of gay-for-pay performers. Markie run the progression: trade/handjob/bisexual/oral/versatile/anal. I agree with the sour grapes theory.



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