Ron Jacobs: “When innocent children are suffering, separated from two their parents, locked up, treated like animals, shoved in cages, and left in a state of fear and terror, you can’t help but speak up. I’m outraged by the current migrant situation in the USA right now. Inform yourself of what’s happening there right now and speak up! The American dream is dead. If we let history repeat itself and stay silent we are all complicit!" #keepfamiliestogether.

Trumpanzees will never say it's inhuman to cage children. They will cling to the hope to keep their racist dream alive. Their white resentment will help them close their eyes to anything and everything that Twitler is doing and will do. Cheeto is gunning up for 2020. He will not relinquish power that easily. It's going to be ugly. This is an administration willing to do the unthinkable and treat immigrants worse than war prisoners just to score a few points with the racists and the xenophobes.

Vote Blue. No matter who the candidate is (thanks, Infidel), vote Blue. Old, young, female, male, gay, straight, white, black, no matter who the Democratic candidate is, back them up. The future depends on your vote. Who the fuck cares if its Bernie? Joe? Kamala? Pete? Elizabeth? Beto? Who the fuck cares if your state is or not a 'key' state? Who the fuck cares what the polls say? Vote. And make your voice heard. It's the only way to recover from this illness called trumpism. 


  1. What’s the old adage? “America my country, right or wrong?” Yes it is my country, but what this fucking idiot in the White House is doing “on behalf of the citizens” of this country is not only wrong, but criminal.

    You’re right, we MUST vote blue. This asshole and all other members of the complicit Republican party MUST be sent packing. Their name should for ever be linked to the shame that has befallen our land. Get them out and, as the saying goes, “lock them up!”

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. That first political cartoon says it all.

  3. The so-called Christians, AKA FauxChristians, don't care about children in cages. Look at all that we've down after children were slaughtered in Sandy Hook.

    Plus, those kids in cages are brown, not at all like "us".

  4. White Evangelical Christians crave power the same way an addict craves heroin. With the Idiot Jerk in the White House, their ugliness is revealed.

  5. The first American film I ever saw was HOW THE WEST WAS WON. And that famous scene where settlers from a hundred countries rode like mad to stake their land
    I was so proud of America then

  6. eliminate every GOPrick by any means necessary; we the people can start at the voting booth!

  7. @bae: he’s a criminal all right. What I can’t understand is the apathy of Americans when it comes to voting these stupid motherfuckers out. Ugh.
    @debra: it kinda broke my heart a little bit.
    @bob: the Talibangelicals only care about their sky daddy being imposed on others. Also, these babies are brown.
    @Dave: correct. Power trips give them tax exempt boners. They’ll sell their soul to the devil it’d give them power.
    @john: sadly, America is a mess right now. It’ll take years to undo the fuckery Cheeto has unleashed.
    @annemarie: people must vote, really!



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