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For many queer men Pride offers an occasion to dress in a more “feminine” style than they normally would. But Pride fashion also has a tendency towards hypermasculinity. Leather has been a mainstay since the 70s, not to mention constituting a rich subculture in its own right. If leather culture emerged as a response to contemporary stereotypes of heterosexual masculinity, it has become a look which signifies, above all, its own queerness.


Oh, you thought because Pride is in June there's no more Pride posts here? Well, think again.

Well, that post yesterday certainly gave me some interesting comments. I posted it as an afterthought, almost. I had been thinking that it was awesome to see so many people letting their freak fly during pride: girls in thongs with barely-there-pasties walking around carefree, leather daddies in chaps and a hat, guys walking around in lycra shorts and prayer, the lot.

It was fantastic to see so many LGBTQ people feel safe to express themselves as they wanted, without interference from other people (including LGBTQ people). In that post yesterday, a guy harasses another guy just because of what he's wearing (to Pride, mind you) and that's a perfect example of how prescriptive society is when it comes to gender roles and gender expression.

During Pride in June we are allowed to be all rainbows and short-shorts but then we are told to get our leather gear, our lycra and our tits and shove them back into the closet. Both the normative gays (those that raise an eyebrow and say: 'too much') and society at large are really scared of any clear demonstration of individuality when when THE GAYS step out in full force. We are far from being 'mainstream'.

What Pride is, according to me, is what queer theorists and activists hope the wold to become: a safe place for everybody to express who they are (and how they love and who they fuck) without fear or aggression or ridicule. And that's what happened during Pride that made me think about posting that entry (and this one). Pride should take place all year round, because many still have to keep justifying their existence and right to express themselves on a daily basis.

One the glitter and the pride flags are safely store until next June, for many the fight continues. That's why we may have to carry that pride beyond June. That's why being subversive by wearing some Pride or Pride related gear all year round is the best way to tell the world we're not afraid of it.

Happy post-Pride Pride.




    if the xstains can flaunt their myths/fairy tales daily, then the LGBTQ nation SHOULD flaunt their fabulousness daily!

  2. I'm not commenting on your Spanish language posts anymore. I did not understand that this was at a Pride Event. That is a different story.

  3. Here here. And people should be able to wear what they want, when they want!!! People need to worry about the own business. And I know friends who are having prides all through to september. Harrisburg had theirs saturday.....the only city in the nation to hold it on the grounds of the state capital building.

  4. Pride is not over, in Canada the parades happen in July and August mostly. Ottawa has pride week in August. It's the only way we can guarantee no snow during pride!
    I understand what you are saying, I always confess that I used to get upset with the fabulous crowd, now I see them as LGBTQ heroes, their pushing the limits is how my freedoms came about and not from staying quiet and "behaving".
    Third scene down, is that guy carrying a hockey stick!?! I'm in love lol. There was a flip side that I remember, people in the pride parades used to get upset because the media would "only" show drag queens or the chubby guy in a pink g-string and not any groups trying to show that gay people represent all types of people.
    Anyway third scene down, I just love the second guy, flip flops, cap backwards, jean-shorts, t-shirt like any easy going young guy but also a last minute rainbow flag tutu as his way of saying, "oh yeah I'm gay too".

  5. We are planning on attending the Vancouver Pride Festival this coming weekend. Woo hoo!

  6. I've never done Pride
    And next year I have promised myself I am doing London Pride x

  7. Pride is never over and the festivals and parades linger... like here in Central Pa. Our festival was this past Saturday. Baltimore is a 50 minutes away, Washington an hour, Philly = 2 hours, and NYC a little over 3 hours. So as not to conflict with any of those festivals ours is always much later, that way we get a nice turn out.

  8. @John Gray GO!!!! When I was on my recent travels to Vienna, our train left from London, and happened to be Pride Weekend. It looked so fun on the way to the station, I almost wanted to stay for it.

  9. @annemarie: that’s right! Fabulousness is an everyday obligation!
    @jimmy: LoL there’s a ‘translate’ button at the bottom of the page, in case you don’t use Chrome! And those are the best comments 😎
    @maddie: I know! When are we gonna stop policing what other people do? And it’s awesome that the local government extends that courtesy. We pay taxes, after all...
    @steven: oh, Canada. Always updoing the States. And yes! The ‘normals’. Gay people have always been demonized for letting their inner freak fly, when being sexual is natural. And the tutu is PERFECT.
    @debra: woot woot! That sounds fab!
    @john: you should! Like Maddie said, London Pride is apparently fantastic (and HUGE).
    @dave: I think that’s awesome, and even more if it’s spread out during several months. That way, smaller cities have their chance to celebrate.



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