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I think you've heard of the sudden liking that Jerry Falwell Jr. (I just threw up in my mouth a little) took to Cheeto and how Scamvangelists of all stripes have embraced the Orange One. Well, there's also that little detail that xtianists usually have no moral compass, but that's another post.

Here I am talking about the link between Falwell Jr. and Cheeto: Michael Cohen. Yep, the same Michael Cohen who was found guilty of shenanigans while Mueller was kneecapping most of Twitler's entourage. Sam Bee does a hilarious takedown of the whole debacle but here's the gist:


Apparently, Jerry Falwell Jr. AND his wife took a liking to a certain pool boy and just like that, invited him in their jet and then 'helped' him. They helped him so much that they loaned him plenty Benjamins so he could start a business (we're talking much more than pocket change here). Michael Cohen enters when allegedly some pictures (there's always pics or it didn't happen) of Mrs. Falwell in compromised situations exchanged hands. And then shit hit the fan.

Long story short, Michael Cohen talked to Tom Arnold (you wanted bizarre, you've got it) and told him that yes, there were pics and that they were not of Jerry. Apparently the were of Mrs. Falwell. And from then on shit just hit the fan. On and Jerry also got sued. So good.

Please, stop and think about the fact that Falwell is in his fifties and the pool boy in his early twenties, so yeah. It was definitely sexual. There is no way this was some kind of paternal deal. This was more Family Dick than Zachariah and John. Kinky Scamvangelists are not unheard of, after all. Religion seems to teem with them.

So my guesses are:
One, the pool boy fucked Jerry and the wife watched. (my fav)
Two, the pool boy fucked the wife and Jerry watched and took pics.
Three, the pool boy fucked both Jerry and the wife in a heated threesome.
Four, Jerry fucked the pool boy while the wife watched and took pics. (kinky!)
Five, Jerry fucked his wife and the pool boy and took pics of them getting pressed.

In any case, it's juicy and I think it has not received enough attention, but if you google 'Jerry Falwell Jr. and... the auto fill in google immediate adds: 'pool boy'. Yep, it's that easy. And I absolutely believe that it is sexual.

So what do you think happened? Have you heard of this? Did this post make you google Jerry and the Pool Boy? Hope it did.



  1. Oh I definitely think Jerry was riding the hunky pool boy’s cock. Especially since the business is LGBTQ friendly. Unless...they’re using it as a front for conversion “therapy.”

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨


  2. Cette petite merde! That's where that little shit went...he said he'd gotten a better "position." Well, no wonder he hopped from my pool to someone else's. He'd fool me into thinking water sports was a new Olympic event. Turns out he'd been swimming in a pool of scandal. Merde!

  3. jerry & the pool boy got it on while wifey watched and took pix. YOU KNOW those uber-religious freaks are some of the horniest/kinkiest guys around!

  4. From what I just read, it's probably the wife was getting banged while Jerry watched, the photos are supposed to be of her. That's a huge thing in straight land now, the older husband watching the wife get banged, especially by a younger, non Caucasian guy. The husbands love to take pictures and I guess they fell into the wrongs hands.
    In the battle against the right, people need to stop trying to point out what a scum bag dump is. The christians are not listening. You have to understand their thinking, the bible is full of sex perverts doing the work of god, they say, "see that man was flawed and yet god used him for his purpose, it's a miracle"! I have read many online threads where christians believe that god has appointed dump, they feel like many people in the bible he is flawed but doing God's work, they feel he has the hand of god protecting him and that is why no scandal can touch him. You see that point? They know he is a horrible person.. but he is blessed by god to do his work. You can't reasonably debate with that.

  5. I'm fairly certain it was Junior who had his anus compromised. I think the wife surfaced to keep him to take the blame... yeah, she took one in the back for Junior. And I wouldn't be surprised if the pool boy mysteriously disappears at some lonely Church Camp.

  6. I say a threesome. Have money - get dicked.

  7. I too think threesome. If the money is right.

    I remember years ago when I did landscaping and befriended a couple in their mid thirties. I heard they are conservative and sort of religious. To my surprise one day the husband grab my cock and told me of his attraction, but so did his wife. We did a threesome two different times. Hey...I like sex. But the guy liked getting fucked, while I sucked his wife's tits, while she was in front of us. It was interesting. I will have to search this story up. It sounds juicy and the conservative are usually the biggest of sex pigs I found.

  8. @bae:same. And I think the only conversion taking place there is in Jerry’s undies.
    @conde: come get your pool boys before the scamvangelists bang them!
    @annemarie. Yep. 89% probability. And they’re all super horny.
    @steven: oh the always new case of the husband watching. Yep. Also possible. And the xtianists accept Cheeto cause they have no moral compass and are power hungry.
    @debra: it’s their second nature.
    @dave: that was my first thought when the story popped up. They may have implicated the wife so it’s hot too gay.
    @jimmy: of course they started as a threesome. It’s the gateway kink.
    @caliboi: yep. The religious and the conservative are usually the horniest of them all.



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