If the shooter fits...

August 3, 2019: El Paso, Texas. 20 dead, 26 injured.
august 4, 2019: Dayton, Ohio. 9 dead, 16 injured.

Republicans will ignore the white supremacy manifesto of the El Paso shooter and will blame video games and mental illness for the shootings.

But some democratic presidential candidates are not staying silent. And they should NOT be.

“Let’s be very clear about what is causing this and who the president is—he is an open, avowed racist and is encouraging more racism in this country.”

 "Well, the white nationalists think he's a white nationalist. And that's the crux of the problem. They support him."
"You cannot not connect the president of the United States and his rhetoric," Ryan said. "I read (the shooter's alleged) manifesto this morning a couple of times and the language in there is so similar to the kind of language that you hear at a Trump rally, you see in his tweets."

In order to change the system citizens must act. 

Join your local MARCH4OURLIVES, Call your representative and ask them to act on gun control . Vote the NRA paid and bought Repugs out of office. DO SOMETHING.



  1. I believe your first and last pictures says it all. Sadly, such is the state of the nation. Come November 2020, that's when we'll find out how strong the resistance is. My heart breaks!

  2. Someone better get off there ass soon!!!! Alas, and sorrily, the only way they will wake up, is if one of these looney tunes walks in to a session of congress and goes all crazy like at a duck shoot.THEN it will be a different story.

  3. The fact that anyone still believes the video-game thing is the product of the solipsistic American outlook which doesn't quite recognize the existence of anything outside the US. Video games are popular in lots of countries which don't have mass shootings and which have lower general crime rates than we do. Japan's pop culture is full of more violent and creepy stuff than any other country on Earth and yet its murder rate is among the lowest in the world.

    @Mistress Maddie: There was already a mass shooting two years ago in which a Republican Congressman (Steve Scalise) was a victim, though he recovered (there were several injuries, but the only person killed was the shooter). This happened at a Congressional baseball event, not the Capitol building -- I assume the Capitol has armed guards and metal detectors. At any rate, one Congressman being shot apparently wasn't enough to shift Republican attitudes.

  4. Being a family member of a person that was shot, then robbed, you cannot fathom what it does to the multiple generations of family in both directions. Even families of those that survived the shootings are altered permanently.

  5. You're so right, they are avoiding it again, choosing instead blame violent video games... such an old chestnut.

  6. today I e-mailed my 2 senators and my 1 rep. let's see if they answer me back. I basically asked them WHEN were they were going to get off their fat white asses and (1) vote for gun control and (2) say FUCK YOU to the NRA!

  7. I tweeted Marco Rubio and asked him if he enjoying his NRA $$$.

  8. @conde: I think the same way. It’s going to have to be the people who vote his orange ass out of office and ends this White Nationalist streak.
    @maddie: hey hope is that people don’t stay home in 2020 and don’t do stupid Jill Stein votes to protest whatever dumb idea they have of government. The future of the USA is in their hands.
    @infidel: the NRA has bought and paid for their souls. Repugs in America only think about that golden parachute. That’s why russia and big corporations have had such a holiday with Cheeto. Money has exchanged hands freely.
    @jimmy: aww that’s terrible! The trauma is permanent, I’m sure. And the looking over the shoulder may never end. Feeling safe after that is probably impossible.
    @dave: the video game excuse is lame one and they know it. As @infidel says, tons of other nations have a low gun murder rate and have the same, if not more violent video games. It’s bullshit.
    @annemarie: yes! They need to feel the pressure. There’s lista oh the repugs who have taken millions from the NRA. The Dems should beware.
    @jimmy: yes! He got about forty million from them. Coward!



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