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Come to think of it, the laughs Michael Henry gets with this video signal more than just a funny situation. We could say that they are mostly kind of nervous chuckles because we know there's a grain of truth in all the silliness he and his friends are engaging in. There is actually something that we seldom stop to think about: WHAT is our  kink? Do we HAVE a kink? Most of us would like to think of ourselves as rather vanilla: we like sex without too many adornments and are secretly just big softies with a romantic side. But do we, really?

Sex always has a touch of fancy. I thought about it when John told me in a comment that he was very vanilla. I thought so too, but come to think about it, I enjoy the occasional hair pull or the whispered dirty words here and there. Or that specific piece of clothing, or part of the body, or that toy. There's always something besides the man we are with that triggers that reaction, that rush of blood south that signals that our heart is beating faster and that anything goes. We don't need whips and chains and restraints to have a 'kink'. Think about it.

I think we always should be game for anything that our man suggests (remember, consent between adults!). How are we going to discover we really like something if we don't try it? Yes, holding hands and cuddling is hot. But so is a little manhandling or restraining and some choice words in the right moment. We don't need to go all fifty shades of silly or to become certified kinksters to enjoy some variety.

So next time you're up for some nookie, let your freak fly. After all, there's never a better opportunity than when you're in bed with someone you really want to please.

Oh, and here’s the link, in case they disabled it on other sides: LINK

Oh, and in case you were wondering... 



Jimmy said…
I wonder why the word "session" is not used?
Sooo-this-is-me said…

I have a lot of small kinks but I keep them to myself. I'm always honest in saying the best sex I ever had was with my bisexual fwb. He was so easy to be with and even though we had nothing in common, we really clicked in the bedroom. I could say let's try "this" and he would always say ok and then ask me to try something in return. There was no judgement or whining or pretending to not want something even though one of us really did. Just honest mature fun.
Jimmy said…
ooooo Steven. You're making me horny!
Cali-Boi said…
Bondage, being tied up, dirty filthy talk, threesomes and orgies are a huge one for me. Toys, hot wax, being restrained, underwear frottage.......
Dave R said…
Ooops, the video has been disabled.
Sooo-this-is-me said…
Cali Boi, I think it would have been easier for you to list the things you don't like! Lol
Jimmy, I wish that I met him years ago.
@jimmy: Lmaoooo same, dear. Same.
@steven: I feel you! Can totally relate. Bisexual men are delicious.
@caliboi: threesomes and orgies whoa. Wax is a no no. Ahh frontage. Had a lover who really liked that... I would totally sit by you in a party.
@dave: yes, they made it so that it can only be viewed on YouTube. Follow the link!

HuntleyBiGuy said…
Im as vanilla as the come. But when I’m with a certain guy I can get a LITTLE adventurous. It took awhile to get there but you need to keep things interesting so he stays interested.

XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨



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