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When Walter was talking about the 'soft around the edges' man in a post back, I started thinking about this video by Davey, where he talks to a nudist. A nudist that just happens to be gay. He's got some points that are worth revising:

One: One does not have to meet up to anybody's expectations of what means to be handsome. What we need to do is to define handsomeness in our own terms and learn to see that in others.

Two: Nudism is not about sex, but there's an intersection. Of course we are going to think about sex when we are naked in front of other naked men, but hey.

Three: Being naked and free has to do with how we feel about ourselves. And this is key. I think we should be naked more often. When we are naked there's nothing to hide behind and I think that's what makes it difficult. Especially in public.

Four: You'll always find somebody who's more or less 'something' (taller, shorter, hairier, thinner) than you are. We have to celebrate other people's differences, accept them and enjoy them. And I think here's where I differ form the garden variety gay: I like men who are not like me. I like them taller, brawnier, more seasoned, with a touch of experience.

Five: As gay men, we should try nudism even if only once. It'll help us look at someone in the hart, not reducing men to their size (body, dick, muscles). We are not our clothes or our bodies, as Paul says.

Six: The messages we get from (gay) society: small here, big there, etc need to be discarded. We need to celebrate what makes us happier, we need to celebrate what we consider to be our weakness. And  here I agree with Paul again, that's hard thing to do.



  1. I'm not gettin ma body out for no one!!!!

  2. Brava! I agree wholeheartedly. Whenever I ask my man, Clive, if he wants to know what I think, he shakes his head and says, "What other people think about me, is non of my business!" At the au naturel beaches, he stands proudly where the surf meets the sand, and flaunts his taut body without care to who appreciates it. Clive is "soft around the edges" and he does not mind. Perfection, he says, is for statues and museum art. As for me, how fun is it to take a bite out of a love-handle during foreplay, non? Or to appreciate the waves of pleasure on a derrier that is being pounded it with abandon. Men come in all shapes and sizes, and to discriminate one over another only leaves us wanting for what we may miss. Some of my best lovers are not muscled, perfect, or sculpted. Rather, they are men, comfortable in their body, and generous in their love making. Love, mon amie! is what is missing in today's bedchambers. This modern obsession with perfection has left us sterile of the sensual, messy, passionate, and joyful abandon of sexuality.

  3. It funny how we are often on the same page about things, I've been thinking about posting regarding nudity. I have often been told that nudist camps have some of the most accepting people. I have always been shy about nudity, that's starting to change now. I wish I had nudist friends to just hang around with and I don't mean sexually. Just have a nude movie night with the boys, just a bonding thing. I loved that comment by Walter, very authentic because 90% of us don't look anything like the guys in porn movies, in fact most of us couldn't get into a Sears catalog... lol!

  4. I wish I could be naked all the time. SO much more freeing!

    https://renudepride.com - in case you don't know about this guy.

  5. I'm a practicing nudist every day of the week to some degree, just not in public. I'd be naked more often if it weren't for the dogs. They're big and they do get sniffy and bring new meaning to the words "cover they self."

  6. I'm neked around the house and on the screened in porch. My other half gasps. My feeling is, if people get off looking at old naked gay guys, who am I to deprive them of all my radiant beauty.

  7. @john: haha come on, John. It’s therapeutic and you can do it at home...Maybe in swimming trunks? You know you wanna...
    @conde: Clive is my knife of man! And yes, perfection is for works of art: the best lovers indeed are those comfortable in their own bodies.
    @steven: great minds and all that, no? LoL And there’s some groups on MeetUp that do exactly that: getting together for bonding. You should try it!
    @annemarie: yes, girl! I’m with you. And I have to go check that link!
    @dave: practicing nudist is my definition of the day. And doing it at home should count. Hehe big dogs, huh?
    @jimmy: oh no. That beauty need to be shared at all costs!



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