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Thanks, but no, thanks.

So, just like that lover who broke up with you when you least expected and kind of broke your heart, Tumblr wants to get together again. Yep. I got an email from the dear folks at Tumblr asking me to go back! As if nothing happened. Fools. I am perfectly fine here, thank you. Yeah, Tumblr, that used to be so hot, was recently sold (again) for three million dollars.

Three million dollars, you'd think. That's not chopped liver. You could buy a condo in New York for that money. Well, it is. Taking into account that Tumblr once sold for $1.1 billion dollars, it IS chopped liver. You see, Tumblr used to be a haven for queer illustrators, sex workers and educators, queer people in general and lovers of smut. And they they sanitized it. They scrubbed all the porn (or tried to) so it would be more palatable to the general public. They took away its mojo. And it didn't really work. Like a closeted gay republican, Tumblr is nothing without the sex. And now it was picked from the clearance bin to try and be something. Just like that old flame who left you and now wants to get together 'for old time's sake'.  So Tumblr, who accompanied so much of my journey a few years ago wants me back. And I don't want anything to do with it.

I'm not gonna listen because just like that old lover you thought you would never be completely over, is now just a memory. Also, because old habits are hard to kill, Tumblr now is still the same Tumblr that kicked me out because I posted too much smut. Yep. Nothing has changed. They are still going after smut. Read the small print. So, no. Hard pass.

Just out of curiosity, I searched my old tumblr archive (once online, forever online) and surprise, surprise, I got some of the thumbnails of the photos I used to reblog. Yeah, I used to post TONS of pictures of naked men. And articles, and gifs, and fanfic and everything that micro-blogging made so easy to do.

But I'm still there. Just not posting. SugarBiscuits, a joint project I had with BadBiscuits is still online. But it's like a pale version of Sugaronastick. It's a pale facsimile of my real thoughts, filtered by the collab I was doing with a fellow blogger. So yeah, it was me, but a tamed, normalized me. Just like Tumblr is a pale, normalized image of what it used to be.

So thank, Tumblr, but no, thanks. I'm fine here. With my keyboard and my weird ideas and my smutty outbursts. And you, Constant Reader. Because it's you I would miss more.



  1. The thing about tumblr (& Twitter) is they are so haphazard with their enforcement. There are no hard and fast rules as to what is fine and what isn’t. I followed you on tumblr (actually joined BECAUSE of you) and reposted practically all the stuff you did, but never heard a peep. Over on Twitter the asshole in the White House constantly insults, berates and attacks people, including non-public figures, and that’s fine. Yes these are private companies and they can enforce their rules as they see fit, but there has to be consistency.

    But I like what you post here. I get to see your thoughts long form, as well as others you have linked me to. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes the words mean so much more.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. Thanks, but no thanks! I was ejected from Tumblr. My account and posts got wiped out in one swipe. Gone was my beefcake archive as well as wanking inspiration. So I moved on to Twitter, like the rest of the tribe, and found a gold mine of explicit inspiration that keeps me up at night. Literally. I'm done with Tumblr or whatever is left of it. I now get my dirt where the rest of the world gets it from.

  3. What Debra said.

    But then this:
    "Like a closeted gay republican, Tumblr is nothing without the sex. "
    Gave me life this morning, so thanks for that!


  4. There's sex sites on Twitter??? I have never been on there, I thought it was just airheads tweeting out their thoughts.. thus proving the airhead comment! What else is out there, I miss my tumbler smut.

  5. Actually, I never really was part of that crowd.

  6. I can get my porn fix elsewhere. never have had a FB, twit, tumb, snap, insta account and I never will.


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