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Ice Breakers (two)

Ok, so Upton's wonderful ice breakers continue here.

1/ If you could add anyone to Mount Rushmore who would it be; why?
It would have to be Dr. MLK Jr. I don't understand why he is not memorialized more. Yeah, we have the streets and the avenues and all those places named after him, but I think there should be something more sizable to memorialize him. After all, he's an imposing figure in politics. His words resonate half a century after his death because they were atemporal. Besides, it would drive the racists up the wall. Bonus.

2/ What’s the last great movie you watched?
I think it was Moonlight. Even though I would have loved to see more of the love story between the two adults, the awkward, bumbling romance of their two younger selves was adorable. It was enlightening, seeing a relationship between two gay Black men on the screen. In theaters. There's the one indie here and there that kind of touches on the topic, but this movie really stood up in matters of script and overall execution. I have seen it twice.

3/ Best book you’ve ever read?
I think it's the Portrait of Dorian Gray. Not only because it's obviously a gay allegory, but because it's well written. One of the things I like in my books is that they can stand the test of time. You can read them with you are 18 and then you read them at 38 and you like them even more. I have always felt an affinity with Dorian. I've asked myself what I'd do if I were in his position. That portrait would still be in the attic, I swear.

4/ If you could learn one new skill, what would it be?
I would love to be mechanically proficient. I'd love to be able to fix a car. I know, with new cars and their computers that's almost impossible, but still. I like cars from the sixties and seventies, natch. But they're too expensive and are gas guzzlers. In lieu of that, I'd love to be able to drive a stick shift. When I grow up, I'm gonna get myself a standard Mini-Cooper, I swear. Now, I've tried to learn to drive a stick shift twice already and I get super confused because I (of course) overthink everything. It also requires good eye/hand/leg coordination and I like that. I think it would make people pay more attention to what they're doing, if they all would drive a standard car. Automatic transmission has made people lazy and entitled.

5/ What’s your favorite way to get in some exercise?
Yoga. I want to be a flexible 80 year old, bae. I think yoga seems easy but it's really tough and it demands muscle and breath control. I wish I could go to a yoga studio of some sort, but you know, the pandemic and all that. I have an old list of yoga positions (12) that I kind of know by heart now and I try to do them as often as I can. I also like to run/walk every day. It's become part of my COVID routine and I have discovered that I really like it. It takes me out of the house and it helps me keep my cholesterol (fucking genetics) low. Two birds. One stone.

6/ What fictional family would you be a member of?
I'd love to have Endora be my auntie or my grandma. God was she ever sassy and anti-bullshit. I have always thought that fictional families that have a secret (witches, magicians, super heroes) would also be much more accepting of a queer child/family member. They are already 'othered', so there's that.

7/ What would your superpower be and why?
I'd love to be able to fly. Yeah. It's one of those things that have always called my attention. You interpret that as you wish, Mr. Freud.

8/ Which band/artist, living or dead, would play at your funeral?
Nobody. I don't want a funeral. When I'm gone, I'm gone. Done.
I don't want people crying and bemoaning the fact that I'm no more. It's useless. I would love to be cremated. It's fast and simple. Then they can use me as potting soil. I've also considered one of those ecologically friendly burials where you are buried naturally, no chemicals, and you decompose in the ground and serve as fertilizer for a tree or a fucking rose bush. Neat, no? I'd be useful.

9/ As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be be an archaeologist. I used to read a lot and I loved adventure books, so being an archaeologist seemed like the coolest thing. You got to travel and discover weird treasures and wear camo shorts and knee high socks with boots. And a hat. And you'd have a torrid romance with some burly king in the jungle in Borneo. Or something.

10/ What’s your favorite place of all the places you’ve traveled?
I think it'd have to the Niagara Falls. I had never visited them and I really wanted to. When I watched Marilyn Monroe playing femme fatale in the movie of the same name, I knew I had to go visit. I did it about three years ago and I loved it. I went during the summer break, I think, and we drove all the way to New York. I really liked the road trip and I loved the waterfalls. It was so surreal! We wanted to go to the Canadian side, but we did not have our passports with us. It was a great trip, though, and the place is a little crowded but worth the trip.

So that's it for the ice breakers.
Ready for a drink?



  1. 1. Rosa Parks or, or perhaps AND, Harvey Milk.
    2. Watched again the other night, To Kill A Mockingbird.
    3. How Long Has This Been Going On by Ethan Mordden. Tells the story of the LGBTQ+ march from the 40s through the 90s.
    4. Playing an instrument. I wished I'd learned as a young queerling.
    5. A good long, fast-paced walk is good for the body and the soul.
    6. I'm with you, Six, I'd want some Endora around!
    7. Again, GMTA, I'd take flight.
    8. No funeral, but a fabulous party with every single bit of music I ever liked playing on a loop, and that's too mnay artists and genres to mention.
    9. Obviously, an architect.
    10. Santa Fe New Mexico, in this country, because of the sense of peace and calm.
    London, because of why I wnet.

    1. Ohhh TKAM is a CLASSIC. Yes, very good movie.
      I have never heard of the book by Mordden. Will look up.
      Oh, dear. Playing an instrument. Yes!
      Yes to the party!
      And I thought you WERE an architect!
      London is in my bucket list. One day, I promise. One day...


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Another Cosmo sex quiz! Oh, how I love these. Let’s see:

    1. Tough one: but for me it would have to be Barack Obama, or John Lewis. I too agree with MLK, but I want to give a different answer.
    2. A few come to mind. God’s Own Country, for one. Boy, it was raw (in more than one way), but it speaks volumes about love, gay life, and acceptance. I love that film. And The Grand Budapest Hotel. Mr Gustav H is a personal role model. I can’t watch that movie enough.
    3. Ever?! My dear, there’s so many. How about, A Gentleman In Moscow. It made me laugh. And Cry. It is such a fine novel. And Count Rostov is another personal role model.
    4. Sewing. I want to learn how to make gorgeous shirts, and jockstraps, and thongs. I knit already, so sewing is the natural next step.
    5. I pour myself a glass of sangria and work my biceps and triceps as I sip and repeat watching as my manservant, Clive practices his calisthenics. It’s grueling work.
    6. The Granthams, darling. Every trip I make to Downton Abbey makes me believe I was a Grantham in another life.
    7. Fly. It would save me the horrors of having to wait and suffer a TSA check stop.
    8. Pink Martini. Without a doubt, my favorite band of all time.
    9. A pilot or a Starfleet captain. Goes with the flying. I just love airplanes, space ships and all things off the ground.
    10. The Maine Coast. Oh, how I love Maine. The three week-thaw before winter is glorious. And the coast…so moody and stark with so many boulders and waves crashing on shore. And Arcadia Park. A gem! Were it not for how cold it is, I’d move in a heartbeat.

    Now, about that glass of sangria you promised.

    1. Hahaha
      John Lewis would be perfect.
      God's Own Country! Yes! Loved it. Completely.
      A Gentleman in Moscow? Will look up!
      Oh, learning how to sew would be so sweet! I actually took a sewing class at Michael's before the pandemic broke. Had to stop going...
      Hahahah you exercise regime is royal!
      Downton Abbey, huh? You and the Granthams!
      A band would be rad. Have actually thought about it for a second...
      Never been to Maine. Would have to put in bucket list.
      And I promise I'll have some sangria next time! LOL


  4. I'm sure most of your readers (and you!) have seen my answers on Upton's blog. But, I'll play here, too because of course I will; you're one of my favorite people!
    1. I'll agree with MLK... But, I still think they need to have Crazy Horse finished.
    2. Moonlight. Yes! It was extremely worthy of that Oscar for Best Film
    3. Best book? The Silmarillion.
    4. Piano. Always wanted to play piano.
    5. Loved yoga, but swimming.
    6. I can't remember what I said on Upton's blog.... Leave it to Beaver, maybe?
    7. Like you, flying. The ability to get anywhere, anytime would be awesome.
    8. Barbra. Because...Babs!
    9. An actor.
    10. Greece. It's gorgeous, and the history and the architecture.

    If anything is different from what I put on Upton's blog...it's because I'm old and forgetful. LOL. XOXO

    1. Haha yes, but it's nice to see them here too.
      Wait wat? Crazy Horse? Awesome!
      Moonlight ruled.
      The Silmarillion? Tolkien? Will look up.
      Ohh Piano? That sounds amazing. I have touched a piano twice.
      Leave it to Beaver! So quaint. I thought the older brother was adorbs.
      Can you imagine Barbra? Whoa.
      Greece! Have friends who have visited and they say it's fantastic. And more.
      And who cares? I don't remember what I had for dinner yesterday...


  5. 1. MLK
    2. Now Voyager. (it's coming on tonight on TCM)
    3. Sadly, I have never read a book for pleasure. I have focus issues.
    4. Handy man
    5. I don't. But I can still get into a Full Lotus.
    7. mind reader
    8. Natalie Cole. Someone That I Used To Love
    9. An Indian
    10. for fun: Barcelona. For beauty and tranquility, The Midlands of Wales. I can deal with rain.

    1. I LOVE NOW VOYAGER! Bette... never more beautiful. Oh... that music. Such a beautiful film.

    2. I used to sing Someone That I Used to Love at open mic night at the 90's. Love it.

    3. Now Voyager? With Bette Davis? Yes!
      LOL I feel you with the books.
      Ohh a full lotus, huh? It may come handy...
      Mind reader? That could be dangerous, though... some people's thoughts are better left alone.
      My one workmate is from Barcelona. He says it's the best city in Spain..


  6. Well thank god you had a fun post. I just came from Uptonkings and he got this ice queen a mess, A MESS I tell ya. I had to compose myself. And now we learn more about you!!!!!

    1- I have to say Martin Luther King too.
    5-much like you I like my daily exercise. I go to the lake almost daily to run. one the other days I canoe to het upper chest and arm exercise.

    6-The first choice would be aa gay nephew to one of the Golden Girls. I would show up to live with them.

    7- To control nature and the weather. Can you say Poison Ivy. And people thing Mother Nature is a bitch.

    8- Hands down- Amy Winehouse!!!!

    9 I wanted to be first a private dick. I watched to much brit murder mysteries and Agatha Christie My mother wasn't having that.

    10-Ive had many good trips. And the Orient Express was pretty damn darn the perfect trip....but it would lave to be Buenos Aries! Go back? I'D MOVE THERE! I've been to Niagara Falls several times, definitely better seen on the Canadian side I agree. My first trip there my parents got us tickets for the Voyage of the Maiden or something like that. But the boat took you almost to the base of the falls. You would get drenched, even though they supplied slickers...not a good day to wear Aqua Net and Max Factor. I also remember we ate in a tower called the Skylon . My Dad could be a pain, but with him he LOVED a high end resturant...so we ate good. It sat near the falls and had a circular dinning room that very slowly rotated so you got views all around. That was the summer we spent in Canada all summer.

    1. Oh, Upton and the post with the doggies? Devastating.
      And let's see, then: canoeing? Fantastic! Oh that would be so amazing.
      And there WAS a gay nephew in the Golden Girls! Do you remember the episodes?
      Oh I can just imagine you going all Poison Ivy on stupid polluters! Yes!
      Amy would be absolutely fantastic.
      And I can imagine your mom saying NO to your sleuthing! LOL
      Your Orient Express trip was indeed way too fab. THAT IS an experience!
      And I would have love to go do the bottom of the falls! How fun!


  7. Love your answers. You and I, kid. So alike. Thanks for sharing all this. And for all those that commented and shared. I keep learning so much about each of you. This little blogging group we have going? Best thing to come out of Covid, for me. We're all spread out and so different and yet... we have so many things that tie use together. Have a lovely weekend. Kizzes.

    1. Isn't this group fab?
      I love everybody. And everybody has so much to share! And you keep posting things that motivate me to post more. I really like that.


  8. I don't do well with 'question and answer,' 'multiple choice' is my forte.

    1. Hahahaha
      Silly Dave. We all know you. You'd never do well with multiple choice...


  9. Happy Friday, Sixpence. Enjoy your weekend. I enjoyed your answers. I am with you on the mechanical proficiency but I think I would like to be more skilled in the handyman department like being able to build a deck if Mrs. Shife wanted it to happen. I also like the Mt. Rushmore question. I would have to think on that one. I might even pose that question on my blog to see what others think. OK. I am off. Take care. Talk to you later.

    1. Thanks, Mr. Shife!
      And that would be so cool! I'm sure she would love anything you'd do because you'd be doing it for the family. So sweet.
      And you must ask the question to your readers! It would be interesting to see what they think.


  10. Good answers! Too bad you didn't get to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls -- our Horseshoe Falls are spectacular! If you ever get there, be sure to take the tour boat right into the heart of the horseshoe -- it's worth the money for that ride! I've done it a couple of times over the years.

    1. Can confirm! The Maid of the Mist is an awesome experience.

    2. Oh, Canada is totally in my bucket list.
      I'd move there if I were not so fucking tropical. I do need to make a trip to the falls on your side though. In bucket list already.



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