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David has a deep interest in human behaviour and relationships leading him towards character based work and portraiture. David's work is always hand drawn, then scanned and edited digitally. His current work is focused on monochromatic pencil drawings which show a fascination with light and shadow. He also likes to work with inks, markers and mixed media. David's personal work often explores themes of relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

I think David's work captures a both playful and sensual part of man/man relationships. Yes, it does dwell in the beauty of his subjects, but at the same time it offers some kind of vulnerable view to their beauty. Do they turn me on? Yes. Because I'm a horndog and I love to see men together, but they mostly reaffirm my conviction that there s nothing wrong with ogling men.

If you visit his store, you're going to see that his drawings are not huge, but they're impactful. It may be because pencil drawings always have that kind of depth? Also, they have great physicality. I think I can get 'perfect' men better as objects of art than as objects of desire. I like my beauties in real life a little bit tarnished, you know...


So, go check out his Instagram. It's chock full of beautiful art. I think I'd love to have one of his books or a t-shirt with one of his drawings. Why not? Not like it'll be news to people that I really, really like men.



  1. Um, I love the detail? And yes, I was looking at every single detail!

  2. HuntleyBiGuy8/17/2022

    You find the best art. It’s amazing what he accomplishes with a simple pencil. The shading a detail *chef’s kiss.*

    XOXO 👨🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽

  3. Some of the are... very nice. Pencil sketches. They can say so much.

  4. Such detail in his work for that medium. My favorite was the man with the ballcap, sitting naked with his hairy chest and limp cock resting in his lap. Very sexy. And like you I probably, might, well did, enjoy that one a bit much.

    I'll leave now.

  5. Great work. Interesting mix of hyper masculinity and softer boys. Thanks for shedding light on another great artist. I'd visit your gallery any day, my dear. Kizzes.


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