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Neil, AMA...

Because I would not think of having an AMA here, I'm gonna use some of the questions they asked Neil Patrick Harris here to do one. How about that? Also, Neil Patrick Harris is one of those men with BDE that make me weak. He also comes across as smart and fun and that, Constant Reader, is sexy.

Ok, here we go:

1. My ideal day? It would probably happen near the beach, in the early summer and it would include some good sex, a good book and lots of time doing nothing. Yep, that'd be it. I think at this point in my life doing nothing is quite the luxury. Oh, and all this would probably happen in Hawaii.

2. The last show I binge watched was What We Do in The Shadows. It's the day to day struggle of a gang of vampires who share a house in New York and struggle to take over Staten Island. I have not laughed so hard in forever. Go watch it. 

3. A celebrity I don't know but I think I would be great friends with? Dan Levy. We kind of share the same brand of humor and I love his style. And I agree that if I were to write a show with Noah Reid, I'd write scenes where we'd have to kiss. Many of those scenes.

4. Three things I cannot live without? Headphones, books, music. In that order. Yes, I can be antisocial and use the three of them at the same time.

5. My first job? I worked at a beauty salon washing hair. It taught me that if I listened carefully to people they would tell me all kinds of things.

6.What is a passion of mine besides what I do? I'd love to work in a museum. Seriously. I'd love to work in a museum and get to work on new exhibits and see all the artwork that people seldom see. I've gotten to see things in museums (as a member) that are not open to the public and it's fascinating.

7. My dream dinner guest? The Obamas. I would faint, but once I'd recover, I think it would be a fun, interesting, and enthralling situation. I think they're incredibly interesting. 

8. My most priced possession? I don't know. I think it would be my mom's wedding ring. My sister gave it to me and I am currently wearing it. It's very thin and it has a wider band that's platinum and a slender one that's gold. I think my mum and I had similar hands?

9. Most people don't know that I can speak three languages fluently and that I can bullshit my way through two more. I would have loved to really speak well five, but I'm lazy. 

10. One talent I wish I had is to be able to play an instrument. I'm terribly jealous of people who are musically gifted. I think they're awesome and magic.

11. Three words to describe myself? Energetic, passionate, and slightly reckless. Yep. 

12. My first splurge? I think ti should be when I bought a Vespa. I felt so grown up! I know, it does not sound like much, but I felt independent and grown up. 

13. Best flirting tip? I don't know! Pay attention? Look at them in the eye? Make sure they know you're listening? I have no idea! I don't know how to flirt.

14. I geek out on anything related to books and music and movies. I love people talking about those things, too. That's why I enjoy Upton's posts on Who Did it Better so much.

15. The best compliment someone gave me? Someone told me they wished they had my courage. I have never considered myself courageous, but they have known me for ages, so it may be true. At least for others. It was unexpected and very flattering. 

So that's my AMA. By now you know how much I Iove to give TMI at the drop of a hat, so it probably comes as no surprise to you that I'd do this. If you want to know more, you'll have to take me out.


P.S. if you have Netflix, go binge on Uncoupled. I strongly recommend it. If you don't have Netflix, find someone who has it and invite yourself to watch it. You won't regret it. It's awesome.



  1. HuntleyBiGuy8/15/2022

    I find NPH incredibly bright, funny and engaging. Those are some of the same words I would also use to describe you, as well as fucking sexy and fun to be with. Yes you can have your bitchy periods, but who doesn’t (present company excepted, of course)?

    1. He is!
      And you, flatterer, you! LOL
      You are the one of the most even keeled people I've EVER known. For real.


  2. Anonymous8/15/2022

    Big says,
    Been watching Uncoupled. It's fun and finding its legs. NPH is perfect in it. Oh, see, there's more we have in common: The books, the music, the movies, the day at the beach...What We Do in the Shadows. LOL. My squee dinner guest? Babs. Oh, how I would love to have long conversations with her, about not fitting in, about doing it her way and succeeding despite all the naysayers. My first job? McDonalds - everyone should work at fast food for at least a week! XOXO

    1. HuntleyBiGuy8/15/2022

      My first job application was with McDonald’s in high school. I never heard from them. My second application was a suggestion from my oldest brother. Still there 46 years later.

  3. Here's a couple: The Sandman, dinner with Paul Rudnick, and my first job was developing X-rays in the X-ray department of a hospital so long ago I needed to get working papers.

    1. Ohhhh
      The Sandman is in my list. And developing X-Rays? Whoa!


  4. 1. My ideal day? Cool, and fall-ish, in the mountains maybe, near Asheville. Walks and drinks and sex and nothing ness.
    2. The last show I binge watched was What We Do in The Shadows. Okay, sue me, but I don’t do streaming so I don’t binge watch anything.
    3. A celebrity I don't know but I think I would be great friends with? Meryl Streep, because I love her and find her very funny in interviews, and very thoughtful in speeches, and I love that combo. Plus, maybe I could be in a movie with her and win an Oscar!
    4. Three things I cannot live without? Family [Carlos and pets] and books and music.
    5. My first job? Loathe saying this, but fast food. Ick. Ick and then ick.
    6.What is a passion of mine besides what I do? I like your idea of a museum, but I’d also take art gallery, which is something I’ve done, but not for a long time.
    7. My dream dinner guest? I have one answer, always, only, and ever: Rosa Parks. Man, could we talk.
    8. My most prized possession? My wedding band, though it wasn’t terribly expensive but its sentimental value is off the charts.
    9. Most people don't know that I am an artist and draw and design.
    10. One talent I wish I had is to be able to play an instrument, too. I often say I play the radio, but it’s not the same thing.
    11. Three words to describe myself? Petrifyingly shy in unknown situations, sarcastic beyond belief, and polite as a person could ever be. I’m an enigma.
    12. My first splurge? Probably my first car because it meant freedom.
    13. Best flirting tip? Listening.
    14. I geek out on anything related to other people’s life experiences, because I find out that we are not so very different from one another once you peel back a few layers.
    15. The best compliment someone gave me? I don’t know if I’d call it a compliment, but I love making someone laugh who I didn’t expect would laugh, and then they tell me I’m funny.

    1. Love!
      And I'm loving What We Do In The Shadows! Hysterical.
      I feel you about the car. It meant exactly the same to me.


  5. If you would have told me years ago when NPH was on Doogie Howser, and I would have vision of he and I fucking each other, I'd say you'd been crazy. But man did he ever get fine. A few people say they think I look like him. I'll take that. To answer some of these....

    My ideal day? Naked and on a beach.

    A celebrity I don't know but I think I would be great friends with? Actually, I'd say NPH or Jennifer Coolidge

    What is a passion of mine besides what I do? Volunteering working with elephants.

    My first job? I worked three days in fast food before college, before telling some woman to go fuck herself. People, patience and holding my tongue are not my strong suit.

    Three words to describe myself? flirtish, snarky, loyal

    My dream dinner guest? Maya Angelou, Nicklos Tesla and Lady Bunny

    Best flirting tip? Since it would appear too easy if I just dangled my dick in front of them, I 'd say really listen with good eye contact and have a slight smirk to your mouth. Lile a cat swallowed the canary look.

    1. Who knew, right? That NPH would become this sexy person? I'd let him hit it. Repeatedly, hopefully.
      Jennifer Coolidge would be SO MUCH FUN! And having Lady Bunny as a dinner guest? Can you IMAGINE?
      And I know, dangling one's fantastic piece in front of people would be very effective, but I will have to do eye contact. Don't have the dick.


    2. HuntleyBiGuy8/16/2022

      Don’t cut yourself short, babe. 馃槣

  6. I love your AMA answers! Right now on Netflix I'm binge watching the "Lucifer" series. It's stupid AF but amusing. My next binge will be "Uncoupled," thanks for the recommendation!

    1. OMG
      Lucifer is such a great show! I loved the first seasons much more than the later ones. I'm still watching the last one but I'm making it last.
      And strongly recommend Uncoupled. So good. Hope there's a second season.


  7. I tried watching shadows. Will go back to it. I couldn't get into it. This is a weird coincidence... as I wrote a little thing about NPH the other day for one of my quizzes (I'm two weeks ahead these days, because life is picked back up and going into work and running errands and making appointments... blech.) Having a bad week this week. And today is no better. Anyhoo... loved learning more about you, my dear. I think Dan Levy would hate me... never speak to me. Would pretend I didn't exist except to point out all my flaws and make fun of me. He strikes me as a mean girl. Still? I'd kiss him!

    1. Seriously!
      I never paid attention to it until someone told me of the very sexy tension between Nandor and Guillermo and I just had to go watch. And it's a hoot. So silly.
      Hope your week gets better, dear. And nobody could hate you. All you have to do is start a convo and they'd be right there with you. If they're smart, that is...
      And who wouldn't kiss Dan Levy? WHO?



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