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Oh, those Latino boys!

I came from seeing Quinceañera with a great feeling. For once, the Latino experience is explored in the big screen from another point of view (and touching on gentrification, cultural identity and gender issues, not to mention social class, religion and the differences between generations. Very cool little movie. The fact
that the directors are extra-cool and gay adds up to the mix.

Very illuminating, when white guys have a vision to the Cholo view of the world. And here's where Jesse Garcia enters. The first look at Carlos in the movie left me electrified. I sometimes do not care for Latin men. But when it is someone as charismatic as this actor, I take notice. The fact that he represents one of those bastions of masculinty (the street Latin quasi-thug) is just icing on the cake. The man is hot!

He nails the style, walk and talk to a T. And when you discover he's gay, that seals the deal. It's really titillating to see one of these rough, tough guys get all tender with another guy. Even though he gets into the whole thing because the two white guys really like their café con leche sweet and share it, the effects of his one-sided affair with one of the guys is one of the pivotal plots in the movie and therefore makes a gay man's life important and useful. Being gay here is part of who he is and as such it's treated.

Very cool, indeed. And the fact that he's prime beefcake is just the icing on the cake. Acres of cinnamon skin, dark piercing eyes and that tough vulnerability that makes my knees weak. I really like the bulldog-puppy stance. I'm a sucker for those big, sentimental brutes. Pity that they only come in your above-average movie script. Finding one like that would be really difficult. Besides, one hot-headed latino in a relationship is enough to cause trouble for miles. To add other to the mix may prove explosive. But one never ceases to wonder...

Cheers, babyboy.


  1. Another movie for me to look for. Jesse is a hot looking guy and he plays gay? Bonus!


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