Kiss me, you fool

I have said once and again that there is nothing like been kissed. A man can get most anything from me (and has, actually) if he kisses me well. It has to be a combination of things, mind you. Not only tongues all over or mouths open wide.
It's the way he holds your head, the way he breathes into you, what he does with the tip of his tongue and how he nibbles on your mouth. It's the 'wanting' to do it, not just doing it because it's par of what 'he has to do' (trust me, I KNOW when a guy is just going through the motions, no emotions involved). He needs to kiss you the way he would eat a juicy fruit. Without fear of splattering a bit, a no-holds-barred eating out. And you know that you are in for a really good fuck if he kisses you GOOD. Because he'll fuck you the same way he would eat that fruit. He'll fuck you with the same gusto. And that's what a good kissing tells me. Wanna try?


  1. I have tried it and I LIKE it. Kissing you is like sunshine on a warm day. It warms the skin even more than just being in your presence. And sampling the taste of your body as I lick down your chest and hips is heaven to me. I think I’ve kissed just about every inch of that sexy body...front and back. And kissing your ass does it for me babe, before I eat you out. I remember doing just that the first time we hooked up. I had never had the desire to do that to a guy before. But with you it just came naturally. And I still can’t get enough of you. 👨‍❤️‍👨


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