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Love is grand...


Love IS grand.
All I'm asking is: would I bare it all just because I'm in love with a guy and I want the world to know it? I think this couple is very brave. Making a statement online (like this blog, mind you) is already exposing yourself (even if very, very few people actually know who is posting these silly things) so I could not imagine what it could be to film myself and post the video. And this video is of me naked. It's a video of me naked having (kind of hot) sex with my man.
The internet has liberated so many people of boundaries (both intellectual and physical) and it has allowed us to do as we please in order to let it all hang out. But still I cannot imagine what having a moving, talking (or thrusting, panting and moaning) moving image of yourself online for all the rest of the world to gawk upon.

In my case, I couldn't do it. I don't think I'm that hot. And even if I had a porn-star-hot body I could not be able to show it online. Of course I'm not an exhibitionist. In which case the 'net would be the perfect playground AND storefront. I cannot start telling you how much I have enjoyed all those naked and half-naked pictures of the men-next-door that populate every corner of the 'net (from Livejournal to MySpace to the more porny sites). The internet has made obsolete the old trench coat routine with the pervy guy ambushing blushing girl scouts and old ladies on their way to mass.
And about couples baring it all for us to see, what will happen when the love is gone? When you are not in love with that man anymore? When all it's left of that passion are those one-minute bursts of passion or those stills of you sucking his cock? What then? Those will be constant and enduring reminders both of your lust and your foolishness. But that is not what these people are thinking about right now or what they were thinking when they filmed themselves having sex. Wow. I don't even want to think about it.

Nowadays all you need is a 15-dollar-camera, an internet connection and the urge to show the world your bits and parts and voila! you're a star. That it will later in life come and bite you in the ass you have so liberally shown I imagine is not something people think about. I cannot fathom what those men would do if someone in their jobs, schools or homes comes across of one of these images (still or moving) of them on the internet. An they will. Because in these days of instant information at your fingerprints (iPhone, anyone?) they are bound to find someone they know. And then all hell will break loose. It should be an exhibitionist wet dream and an idiot's nightmare.
But it's for the voyeur's pleasure that they are working. For as long as there are people drooling over those images, they'll keep coming. I'll keep watching. And that's all it takes to complete the circle. So are you posting your pictures any time soon?




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