Happy Coming Out Day!!

Because coming out is the most powerful weapon we have against the the arsenal of hate the bigoted, the ignorant, the dogmatic and the intolerant wield against us. By being out, we show the world that we are not at all like the idiotic, braingwashed and greede ex-gays try to portray us: It's them who are sad, lonely, afraid, frustrated. By coming out, we show the dogmatic wingnuts that we are not afraid of their punishing god. By coming out we show the reactionary fools who point at us with their sanctimonious fingers that we are not afraid of their judgement and that we will prevail.
Come out, if you are in the closet. Come out to your friends, to your loved ones, to yourself. Coming out is the only thing that will make you really free. The closet is your own prison and will make you all that 'they' want you to be: sad, lonely, sick.
Come out and be yourself. It's the only way to be free.

Happy Coming Out Day

A big hug.


  1. Hey!... I Din't now about this celebration day... All ways for reafirm the rights of every group goes very good, even more in this globalization age, when the the power groups insist to take away the values of be diferent... Hay que perder el miedo!!!... y hay que come out, because, la vida esta esperando para darnos algo increible a todos... Un abrazooote!


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