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et tu, Sean?

For those with a penchant for the muscle-bound, jock-next-door type, there's Sean Cody. Oh, I can see the why. Athletic, slightly gruff men getting it on? Sounds good to me. Well, it sounds good to me until a confederate flag makes an appearance. And then intersectionality happens. And it's not the first time that Sean Cody has been caught whitewashing their porn.

And all of this happened (again) because I egghead even my porn, I discovered in my online sleuthing that Sean Cody was putting out porn with a guy with a confederate flag tattooed on his arm. Yep. And of course, the internet noticed because apparently there's some gay men who do not take veiled racism very well. And I'm here for it. Racism and gay porn? Nope. It is way too much. We have enough of that on Grindr.

If you know your porn, you know that Sean Cody is very WHITE. All the dudes are beefy, cloned as if by magic by a 'masc 4 masc' dudebro that writes -no homo- in his Grindr bio. Many I imagine are gay for pay, which would not be surprising for this studio, who thrives on the Bro-'mo-no-homo vibe. And some of that trade, I see, are racist. Notice, though, that Sean Cody photographs Zane usually with his arms up. A typical beefcake pose, but one that hides the confederate flag he's got tattooed on his right shoulder. Pretty convenient, huh?

So methinks the folks at Sean Cody KNOW what they're doing. That's why they blurred the offending tat in the video. And they photoshopped it completely away in the beefcake photos. So what is it? Is it that they noticed and decided to let it go, or they noticed and did not care? Probably the latter. After all, they're in the business for profits. And some gay men are not really selective when it comes to porn. Or sex. Some gay men will not let a little bit of racism get in the way of getting off. Well, I'm not some gay men and I will not give anything like this a pass.

Probably Sean Cody noticed and did not care. They go for clicks and money and beefy dudes getting it on. They just blurred it to wash their hands but decided to put it out because they don't care their model are racist rednecks? Do they think that adds to their supposed straight-acting creed? What kind of fuckery is this? And gay  men keep giving them money for racism when they can get the dicks for free.

Oh, so you don't believe me and think I'm just being a drama queen and you didn't click on the link I suggested? Here, let me help you:

So yeah. Zane has the beefy disposition some men like in their porn actors, he also has the USMC tattoo to increase his masc creed, he's got the Southern boy farmer's tan to add to that and  apparently a hint of racism that -for all appearances-  this Lilly-white studio does not mind. I'm sure there's some gay men with a kink for fantasizing about fucking/getting fucked by a racist asshole with a nice body. Who knew? Mind you, it may be that casual racism that white privilege finds so easy to forgive. Alas,  I'm not having any of it. Neither racists nor gay Republicans (oh, the layers) will ever get a pass with me.

But racism was cancelled the moment the US elected a black president, amIright?

Happy 'bating.


Update: the outrage worked.


  1. he's also got a tat of texASS on this arm. TEXASS says plenty to me, but the racist flag? OH HELL NO!

    we have a LONG way to go to eliminating racism/poverty/injustice in this country. "hey hey, ho ho, racist bastards gotta go!"

  2. Sean Cody likes it because they'll be making more coins off those that flock to their site now and pay the fees to join.
    They know what they're doing, and it's all about the money.

  3. I agree with you and Bob. They don’t care. They got free publicity (all publicity is good) and it raises their profile. I like diversity in my porn (interracial is a huge turn on for me 馃槝). There should be no room for racist shit. And this guy is proud of his implied views. Don’t give me that shit that it’s a sign of rebellion. They rebelled because they wanted to keep their slaves.

    Yeah, no thanks, Zane.

    XOXO 馃懆‍❤️‍馃拫‍馃懆

  4. There's gays and guys who go for this kind of shit. I've heard it all when I park my knitting at the gayborhood Starbucks. I've dropped quite a few stitches listening to what the gays sitting behind me say. And when someone points out their views, they get all bent-out of shape because you're the one who's intolerant. What?! I've seen smart men struck dumb at the sight of a dick. It's like their IQs drop the way shorts drop on porn. Seriously. Now I'm all for dick, but a dick without balls is just wrong. And wrong comes in many shapes. This time, racist dumb jocks and cocks are just plain wrong.

  5. There is racism here in my gay community. There was even talk of a gay club opening for African Americans on the Drive. It would be open to all people. I know the feeling of being a place and not being wanted. It is wrong! Buff white jocks makes my dick limp. I'm more of a 'Mapplethorpe' type of guy.

  6. Sean cody came along for the closeted Republicans to get off to watching pretty boys fucking. Sean cody is alright, but not my favorite site. Though I LOVE Cater Dane. I never seem to tire of rubbing one out to him.

  7. They had a problem a while back with being a 'white only' site and got in trouble by posting a 'want ad' asking for just that... white men. It's not only about the money, it tells you a lot about those guys who subscribe.

  8. @annamarie: Lmaooo. TexASS! And yes, a map of Texas with the confederate flag. How much clearer do they want it?
    @bob: absolutely! It’s all about those Benjamins. No respect or morals. You think somebody who does porn would be at least aware....
    @bae: no rebellion there. Just blatant stupidity and blind entitlement.
    @walter: sadly true. Their IQ drops as their dicks rise. No matter how good the dick, racism will always make it ugly.
    @jimmy: yes, absolutely. Gay men can be as racist as anybody else. Remember privilege does not stop with who you sleep with. Quite the opposite.
    @maddie: yes! Ha ha. I’ve always thought of Sean Cody as the Homocon go-to porn, with its fake blue collar approach.
    @dave: yes, they did! I blog I used to follow called them on their bullshit. And I agree with you and Maddie. It says a lot about the guys who consume their porn.



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