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Whatever they're selling, I'm buying.  I think that rugby is like a sexier, more easily followed sport than Football. It's almost as sexy as soccer, but not quite. Add to that the fact that rugby is kind of by default very testosterone-driven and that people who play (and watch) the sport are very intense, and you have the recipe for a what could be a very engrossing movie.  I think that a queer film where sexuality or coming out is not an issue is quite refreshing. I believe that exploring an affair and the far-reaching implications of lust is always more interesting and more deeply human than the closet (I also find the closet trite and maudlin). Also, people tend to take sides almost immediately when you hear that people in a relationship have an affair (for the record, I don't think that anybody 'steals' anybody else, people leave, because it takes two to tango and sometimes there's no music). I'd like to see how this movie explores the lives of the

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